The Supreme Patriarch received the students of Marseille ‘National’ and Paris Colleges

“The Armenian history for the Diaspora children is only in the text-books”, - says the French Armenian benefactor Sargis Petoyan. Owing to his efforts, for the last 12 years, every year nearly 20-30 French Armenian students are able to come to visit their homeland. Recently,  the students of the two largest Armenian colleges of France - Marseille ‘National’ and Paris Colleges were the guests of Catholicos of All Armenians in Etchmiadzin.   

Robert Elibekyan’s exhibition in the National Center of Aesthetics

The Henrik Igityan's National Center of Aesthetics hosts the exhibition “Transformation” of the RA National Artist Robert Elibekyan. 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York City (the Met) to feature the remarkable treasures kept in the Mother See

In Septepber, the Metropolitan Museum of Art will host an exclusive exhibition presenting the historical and cultural heritage of the Armenian people in the 4th-18th centuries. 

Armenian pilgrims from the United States visited the Supreme Patriarch

On June 17, the Supreme Patriarch was visited by pilgrim families from the Western and Eastern Dioceses of US. His Holiness emphasized the importance of the fact that parents bring their children to their homeland to establish immediate link with their Armenian identity. 

Karate Class of Malatia Armenian Church Youth Center

What difficulties do the students of karate class of Malatia Armenian Church Youth Center face, how do they cope with those? What dreams do the children have; does karate hinder or help them to achieve those dreams?  

Aviamodelling Class of Malatia Armenian Church Youth Center

The young participants of aviamodelling class of Malatia Armenian Church Youth Center  present the airplanes modelled and made by themselves. 

Three blankets rescued from the monasteries of Caesarea were presented to the Museum of the Mother See

The Museum of the Mother See was replenished with three blankets having historical and artistic significance.  They were presented to the Mother See by St. Thaddeus and Bartholomew Church of Marseille.  The blankets have been rescued from the monasteries surrounding the city Caesarea of Cappadocia  taken by the migrants with them.

The teachers of Holy Translators’ College of Jerusalem had a meeting with the Armenian Patriarch

By the leadership of Rev. Fr. Norayr Gazazyan, Armenian, Jew and Palestine teachers of Holy Translators’ College of Jerusalem are in Armenia these days,  On June 19 they were received by Catholicos of All Armenians. 

Social Role of Music: Mikayel Voskanyan

“There is no good and bad musical instrument: everything has to do with the attitude of the musician. Tar is a deep, authentic instrument”, - says tar player Mikayel Voskanyan. He found ways to save this national instrument from oblivion and make it sound in a new manner.   

Teaching in Dzoragyugh

Narek and Samvel teach geography and physics in Dzoragyugh, Lori Marz. For years, there have been no subject in the school. The boys also hold extracurricular classes of astronomy, robotics, Turkish and theatre. They are in Dzoragyugh within the scope of "Teach for Armenia" program.

The Supreme Spiritual Council launched its activities on February 20

On February 20, the Supreme Spiritual Council of the Armenian Apostolic Church commenced its work in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. 

The school-children of Bjni met with the Armenian Patriarch

On June 19, the school-children of Bjni accompanied by the spiritual pastor of the Holy Mother of God Church Father Aristakes Baghalyan, came to the Mother See for pilgrimage. They had a meeting with Catholicos of All Armenians in Karekin I Education Center.