Individuals who left their creative traces in the pages of history. Outstanding figures of Armenian and foreign culture, science, spiritual and public life, their life and activity in the format of  TV encyclopedia. 

Toros Toramanyan

“If architecture was a stone music, then Toros Toramanyan has turned that stone into live music”, said Avetik Isahakyan. “He is as much a splendid singer of our magnificient ruins and musieums”. TV Encyclopedia present the life and scientific activities of famous architect, scientist Toros Toramanyan. 

Rudolf Diesel

In the evening of 29 September 1913, on the steamer in Antwerp on his way to a London, one of the German men after the dinner retired to his cabin at about 10 p.m., leaving word to be called the next morning at 6:15 a.m. In the morning his cabin was tidy, with his watch left where it could be seen from the bed, but the passenger was missing. The missing person was world known engineer Rudolf Diesel. 

Dmitri Mendeleev

When asked the question what was his biggest invention, he said it was meeting the dawn from the kite. Outstanding chemist – this was how everyone knew him. Yet, for the sake of truth, it should be noted that only 10 percent of his overall works were devoted to chemistry. The life and fate of Dmitri Mendeleev on the screen of Shoghakat in the series Encyclopedia. 

Sergei Parajanov

Three major movie theatres of Paris were showing his films only for two months non-stop. The cinema halls were full from early morning till late night. Even the most scrupulous critics would shed words of marvel in the press. The name of the emerging film director’s name – Sergei Parajanov, was heard everywhere - in the streets, cafés, hotels…

Movses Khorenatsi

60-ies of the V century: the neighboring village Vagharshapat is hosting the Catholicos of All Armenians Gyut. Those sitting at the table with him ask an old man, who lived there as a stranger, to make a toast to the Catholicos. The old man makes the toast in the style of sharakan (Armenian chant). Everyone is startled. The Catholicos Gyut gets closer to him and bows low to kiss his Teacher he was seeking for so many years. That old man was Movses Khorenatsi, the greatest of written Armenian culture Golden age.

Mher Mkrtchyan

“I always wonder what that power is that goes from here and turns into a water in man’s eyes. Dear me! I never wanted to become an actor. Yet, step by step, my holy hour came too, dragging me to the theatre, and I never managed to have a childhood.”
Dramatic life and asserting art of the talented actor Mher (Frunzik) Mkrtchyan is presented in the format of encyclopedia.

Ruben Sevak

In 1915, a young Armenian doctor in Cankiri healed the daughter of a rich and influential Turk.   In return, the Turk moved by gratitude, tried to convince the Armenian doctor to adopt Islam and save his life from sure death. However, the doctor didn’t think twice to refuse saying that conversion from one religion into another is betraying your nation. 
This young doctor was Ruben Sevak, famous Western Armenian writer and professional doctor. 


William Saroyan

"Starting is always difficult, as it is not easy to choose from the store of language that one lucid word which should live forever".
William Saroyan.


Alexander Mantashev

April, 2011. Countless Armenians flocking in every station of the train departing from Peterburg to Tiflis. This disarray was unusual even for the train stations. People came to cover with wreaths the shrine of the most outstanding Armenian philanthropist of all times - Alexander Mantashev, who was going to find his last haven in his hometown…

Claude Monet

“After all, he’s just a mere eye. But oh, God, what an eye…”, - exclaimed once Cezanne referring to this painter. This was that very eye which could feel, see and make even the sunlight tangible. Painter of the Sun – this was how the founder and its last representative was labeled eventually. 
The life and creations of Claude Mone in the format of TV encyclopedia. 


Salvador Dali

He was against mechanics, spinach, Sun, Rembrandt, ghosts and mountains, and he was for complications, snails, Vermeer, religion and himself. “When I was six, I wanted to become a cook, in seven I wanted to become Napoleon. There are two critical things that can happen in the life of a painter of today – to be Spanish and bear the name Salvador Dali”, - this is what the author of melting clocks and burning giraffes wrote about himself.

Sergey Mergelyan

“Mergelyan Institute” is known to everyone in Yerevan, however, the biography of one of its founders – Sergey Mergelyan, is practically unknown to the wider public. In 20, the Armenian mathematician became the youngest Doctor of Science in Mathematics in the USSR. In 21, he won the most honorable prize – the prize of Stalin. Then, as young as in 28, he became the youngest corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences in the USSR.