The hero of the series is priest, whose image is pictured through family, in particular, through the relationship and connection with children.
The reliable and friendly pastor of the community is also a loved and trustworthy Father.
Frequency: Monday, at 21:00
Rerun: Tuesday, at 10:45

Fr. Hamazasp Grigoryan

Our crew visited the family of Father Vrtanes Baghalyan. 
“It’s such a joy to be a father; it’s the biggest gift ever that God may give someone. It means to be somehow part of the process of creation”. Our crew visited the family of Father Hamazasp Grigoryan. 

Fr. Nshan Panferov

“God lays a blessing with every child”. Father Nshan Panferov serves in St. Gregory the Illuminator Church of Gyumri, with all his family involved in the church service with him. His wife and younger daughter sing in the Church Choir, his son wears church garment. “Father Nshan manages to get people around him, make them happy, however he is very strict first of all to himself, and then to us”, - confesses the priest’s wife. 


Fr. Vrtanes Baghalyan

“My father is so much loved in Odzun that if a decision is made to move him to another place of service, the villagers will fervently protest”. 
Our crew visited the family of Father Vrtanes Baghalyan.