This weekly news coverage gives an opportunity to keep up with the most notable musical events of the last week.
Festivals and guest performances, memorable dates and anniversaries, presentations, conferences, creative meeting, as well as performances by world known musicians in Armenia. All these events are reflected in “Phonograph” on regular basis.
“International News Feed” section of the TV series presents important musical events happening in the world.
Frequency: Every Saturday, at 20:00 and 22:30
Rerun: Sunday, at 08:00 and 17:00

Phonograph 23.09.2017

A number of famous musicians - winners of Nairi Pan-Armenian Music Festival.
The concert of Alessio Bax, piano and conductor Paul-Emmanuel Thomas was dedicated to Hovhannes Ayvazovski. 
4th festival of contemporary Armenian music will unearth the whole spectre of the Armenian music.
The evening of Davit Amalyan in Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall. 


Phonograph 22.04.2017

Hasmik Papyan was awarded with the Golden Medal of the RA Ministry of Culture. The renowned singer was hosted by “Phonograph”.
On April 21 Mozart’s Requiem was performed in St. Gregory the Illuminator Church. International Music Contest-Festival “Renaissance” kicked off in Gyumri. 

Phonograph 15.04.2017

“I Swear to You, My Country”. Patriotic songs of Robert Amirkhanyan dedicated to the heroes of April four-day war. 
First concert of Artsakh State Jazz Orchestra in Yerevan.
Narekatsi Art Union hosted Gandzer Choir in the evening of Good Friday.
Awards ceremony “Best Composer of the Year” evaluated the compositions of Armenian authors created last year or performed for the first time.

Phonograph 08.04.2017

Opera “Lusavorich” on the stage of Hakob Paronyan State Theatre of Music Comedy.  
“Sound and Silence: Musician and Musical Instrument in the Spinning of Centuries”: temporary exhibition in Komitas Museum-Institute.
“Barsegh Tumanyan and Friends” on the stage of A. Spendiaryan Opera and Ballet Theatre.
Concert of State Youth Orchestra of Armenia in Warsaw before concert tours.

Phonograph 01.04.2017

First National Music Awards “Tsitsernak (Sparrow)”. 
18th International Music Festival “Yerevan Perspectives” kicked off. Pinchas Zukerman and Amanda Forsyth were in Yerevan.
Ensemble Beryozka presented the luxury of Russian national dance art in full.  
Concert trip of Choires of Tatev and Shinuhayr to Yerevan. 

Phonograph 25.03.2017

“Jazz Fusion”: “New York-Yerevan” in Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall.
Evenings replete with music, programming and francophonia in Yerevan. 
Italian saxophone Federico Mondelci and Russian piano Basinia Shulman were the guests of the Symphonic Orchestra of Opera and Ballet Theatre. 
International rock festival “Music Drive” was launched.
Young singers continue competing for RA President’s prize 2016 in classic music.

Phonograph 18.03.2017

Conductor Dmitriy Yurovsky and soprano Lyubov Stuchevskaya hosted by the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Armenia. 
Special interview with Dmitriy Yurovsky. 
On March 16 and 17, the inclusive Candoco Dance Company presented a unique choreography to the Armenian audience. 
Venice String Quartet was in Yerevan. 

Phonograph 11.03.2017

“Masquerade” returning to the Theatre of Opera and Ballet. 
Six participants of the project “Masters Creating Masters” performed with the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia. 
“Komitas and Medieval Music Culture»: 26 academic articles dedicate to Vardapet combiled in one book. 
Flute Sara Urena-Cabrera and conductor Juan Antonio Ramírez together with the Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra mentally transported the audience to Spain. 

Phonograph 18.02.2017

8th festival of Armenian composers art kicked off. 
Light diode board for translation was launched in the National Academic Theatre of Opera and  Ballet.
What does philharmonic orchestra propose to its audience, how frequent and which age groups visit the concert hall? 
“Etchmiadzin” Choir of Gevorkian Theological Seminary returned from international festival with a prize. 


Phonograph 11.02.2017

This week the concert halls and cultural centers were replete with events, concerts dedicated to St. Sarkis. 
“Geghard” Choir celebrated the Feast of St. Sarkis with set of wedding ritual songs.
On the traditional Armenian wedding dances, their ritual-sacramental meaning. 
Our crew met with the RA Merited Artist Karen Durgaryan. 
The National Philharmonic Orchestra of Armenia hosted piano Ineke Hellingmanfrom Netherlands and Italian conductor Pier Carlo Orizio.

Phonograph 04.02.2017

On February 3, the concert of National Philharmonic Orchestra was conducted by Daniel Raiskin, soloist – Aleksey Volodin. 
Piano Aleksey Volodin hosted by “Phonoraph”.
On January 28, the presentation of the 50th jubilee anniversary of “Musical Armenia” took place. 
On folk songs, their collection, arrangement and culture of its preservation. 


Phonograph 28.01.2017

On January 22, the 96th anniversary of Arno Babajanyan was celebrated. 
“Masunk” brought many folk dance songs and songs into life.
A bridge between mother and a child: the mystery of lullabies.
One day with “Rosen Tal”.