Film series “Noncanonical Gospels” tells about the history of creation and study of the old and new testament apocryphas, their cultural value and significance. It also addresses current attitude to the apocrypha, their misuse, as well as how they are applied in contemporary literature and cinematography.


Noncanonical gospels. Part 1

Part one of the film series presents the story of origination of apocrypha, the principles and reasons for distinguishing between canonical and noncanonical books.


Noncanonical gospels. Part 3

Third part presents the story of the Gospel of Judas found in Egypt in 1978, its content analysis and the discussions on the manuscript.


Noncanonical gospels. Part 4

Fourth part of the series addresses one of the most famous figures of the human history – Judas. Who was Judas and why did this very same person betray the Saviour? What truths did he master? How can he be justified? Was Judas a betrayer or a victim? What literary and culturological interpretations did Judas’ character lead to?