On April 13, Major Stepan Stepanyan, who was gravely wounded in 2014 on the Artsakh-Azeri contact line, visited Karekin II Catholicos of All Armenians. Armenian community of India organized the medical treatment of the Armenian officer upon the request of the Armenian Patriarch. 
Early this year, the Armenian Diocese of Georgia filed a suit on the issue related to the Holy Mother of God Church. What is the status of the case and how likely is the Church to be returned to its real owner?
The only church of the residents of Mrgavet, Dimitrov, Getazat villages is St. Hovhannes Karapet Church in Mkhchyan. The construction of the manse of the Church is currently underway. 
The clergy of Gugark Diocese visit Vanadzor State University quite often with the Primate of the Diocese Archbishop Sebouh Chouldjian attending different initiatives, organizing lectures and conferences on various topics.
International news feed A museum was opened in Nagasaki, Japan to commemorate the Christians martyred in Japan.. National Library of France displays religious ritual books in one of the halls in Louvre. President Emmanuel Macron had a meeting with the leaders of Catholic Church. Four Christians in India were blamed in hurting religious feelings of Hinduists. A group of Christians distributed leaflets with Easter message in one of had districts of Hyderabad. 
Chinese authorities put a ban on sale of Bibles in on-line stores. It was deemed to be contradictory to the values of socialism.