Gift of Love

The love story between the members of Ararat Patriarchal Diocese Youth Union Sargis and Diana started in 2015, during the Feast of St. Sarkis. That day Diana didn’t have any symbolizing dream, however, she had asked for the intercession of the saint and was waiting in faith.
Sargis will soon graduate from Gevorkian Theological Seminary and the long days of separation of lovers will stay behind.


Nare Haykazyan

“I have been always in searches, perhaps of my own self…” Actress Nare Haykazyan is once again in Armenia.

Poet Farmer

Grandfather Tovmas is a knowledgeable and hard-workinng agronom. His day starts and finishes with work; he either struggles with the soil, or starts something, or gives a hand to his co-villagers. He feels offended when his sons and grandchildren urge him to have a rest. He moved to Armenia from Iran while still a child, overcame various difficulties and considers his village the only place worth living.


Events Dedicated to the Centenary of the Armenian Genocide in Turkey

The events dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide started to be held in Turkey, specifically, in Istanbul from 2010.
Despite numerous difficulties, complicated diplomatic situation, this year the events that were held in Turkey to commemorate the centenary of the Armenian Genocide, were the most intensive ones. The journalists from Armenia were allowed to participate and cover those events.


Let there Only be Peace

“Life is a fight, and working with the soil is a torture, and the everyday life of a peasant is a fight for survival”. The harmonius family of Apo overcomes all difficulties with love. The only thing he wishes for is peace.

Longing of Rezgo

Freedom fighter Rezgo haa fought for the liberation of Artsakh along with hundreds of Yezidis. For him, his first homeland is Armenia, where the Yezidis settled down after the Genocide committed in Ottoman Turkey in 1915, where the Yezidis became literate and prosper. 
Rezgo has one big longing in his heart – the yearning for the Western Armenia, where his ancestors rest. His only dream is to cross Araz without any hindrances and resettle there with Armenians. 



Items Made of Waste

A couple of plastic bags, skilled fingers and vivid imagination, and here you go – you will be contributing to the protection of nature. Making useful household items from plastic waste is an interesting and potential way of addressing environmental pollution. 
The program is about one of the projects of the WCC Round Table Foundation on making useful household items from waste. Just watch it and learn how to make yourself. 



Emma and Samvel

While serving in the army, Samvel lost his capacity to walk as a result of gunshot. He met Emma during the medical treatment. This year, the newly-weds celebrate the Feast of St. Sarkis for the first time together. 


Social Service of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin

Social Service Center of the Mother See was established in 2014. All social program of the Armenian Church is coordinated by this institution extending help to socially insecure families, our displaced compatriots – Syrian Armenians, Armenians of Kessab, Iraq, as well as heroes of freedom war and the disabled, students, orphans and military servants. In the meantime, the activities of this service are targeting the identification of socially vulnerable families.


The Secret of Distillation

The secret of the taste and curative qualities of the home-made vodka is in th distillation. The TV film “The Secret of Distillation” presents this specific particle of our cultural heritage. The resident of one of the regions of Armenia rich in forests – Tsakhkadzor, is telling how is he distilling from wild pear.


Two Generations: Experts and Students Talk about Peace

The opinions of experts Alexan Arzumanyan, Manvel Sargsyan, Yerevan State University students, Youth Union members of Armavir Diocese of the Armenian Church expressed on the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict and regional peace.


Information War

The program tells about the role of Armenian and Azeri mass media played for the 20 year long Karabakh conflict. The experts address the differences between information and propaganda and assess work practices of mass media. It is noted, that after the ceasefire the parties use mass media instead of bullets emphasizing the reasons for deficiencies in professional journalism in both countries.