Concert at Holy Trinity Church Hall

To mark Holy Tuesday, all choirs of Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex performed in the hall of Holy Trinity Church of Yerevan. The new project initiated by the church and the educational complex is called “Spiritual Armenia”. Most of the compositions heard in the concert are Komitas arrangements. 

Armenian Dioceses worldwide support Artsakh

The coverage brings features a number of initiatives taken by the Armenian Diocese in the US, Armenia Prelacy in Jerusalem and other Dioceses to support and empower Armenian soldiers and their families. 


Azatan is the largest village of Shirak. The village Church is St. Stepanos Church. St. Stepanos Church is always full of children. They participate in all ceremonies, Sunday classes. Then they clean the Church and its outskirts. All their games, talks and spare time is held in the Church yard. “What we feel inside the Church walls, we don’t feel it any other place. Wherever we go, the Church is the best”,- say the children of Azatan. 

Joint concert of the band D’Black Blues Orchestra and Youth Orchestra

The joint concert of D’Black Blues Orchestra and State Youth Orchestra of Armenia as a unique gift for the special day of lovers. The musicians performed jazz and blues compositions. 

Feast of Tearnyndaraj in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin

On February 13, the Eve of Tearnyndaraj commences with the evening Divine Liturgy. Everyone listen to the story of the Gospel, when the 40-day old Jesus is taken to Jerusalem by Mary and Joseph for presentation. Catholicos of All Armenians passes the light symbolizing Christ to the believers. This is followed by the procession of the clergy to the priesthood building, where the Catholicos with the fire brought from the Cathedral, burns the fire of Tearnyndaraj, from where the believers take the light to their houses. 

Gevorkian Theological Seminary now has an electronic newsletter

The seminarians collect, record and publish in their electronic biweekly newsletter the most important events happening both in the Seminary, as well as in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. The newsletter also features scientific and promotional materials. It is delivered to the readers through electronic mail and via social networks. 

“Drought and Sprout” photo contest finalized

“Drought and Sprout” photo contest was finalized in the Christian Education Center of the Mother See which was launched in April of this year. More than 4000 photos were uploaded in the dedicated website. The authors were pupils of classes 5-12. The final ceremony of the photo contest was attended by the Minister of Education and Science. 

Deacons’ ordination in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin

On the Feast of St. Stephen the First Martyr, the list of 166 deacons serving in the Holy Etchmiadzin was added by another 20. After the ordination the Catholicos of All Armenians received all deacons of the Mother See. 

Father Ghazar Petrosyan

Father Ghazar serves seven villages. He is serving in the seven communities of Ararat Diocese, sharing villager’s cares and joys and helping seven villages to have their churches...   


They know all sacred places of the village, the story of all destroyed Churches, the legends they hide. They take the visitors of the village first to the Church and ceaselessly tell and tell… They are the children of Yeghipatrush village. 

Illuminator’s Lantern (Lusavorchi Kantegh) Youth Union

“Iluminator’s Lantern” Youth Union is operating for three years already. Lidia and Tsovinar, founding member of the Union, tell us how the Union was established. Azadig joined the young people only recently. He is from Syria and is currently developing a new program for children.