Reinhard Seehfer, a representative of the German Conducting School

"Why do I like conducting, because everything I give emotionally comes back to me, especially when I lead a good orchestra like yours, the Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra."
Renowned German conductor, composer, pianist Reinhard Seehfer is in the "Phonograph" pavilion.

Distance learning, problems of increasing the salary of the Conservatory lecturers. Sona Hovhannisyan

How is it possible to carry out distance education in the field of music? Anahit Margaryan talked to Sona Hovhannisyan, rector of the Komitas State Conservatory and founder-director of the Hover State Chamber Choir, in the "Phonograph" pavilion. The issue of raising the salaries of the Conservatory lecturers is also referred to.





Interview of the "Super" Deputy Minister of ESCS Narine Khachaturyan to Phonograph

Narine Khachaturyan, the Deputy Minister of Education and Science, spoke with Anahit Margaryan on the topic of anti-culture, change of management in cultural institutions, its results, efficiency of state funds spent in the cultural sphere, creative ensembles, institutional sponsorship, and a number of other topics.



What is Vahagn Hayrapetyan's trump card?

Jazz pianist, composer Vahagn Hayrapetyan talks to Anahit Margaryan about the prospects of commercializing online concerts, politicizing jazz in Armenia, materially motivating young jazz musicians, and Armenian jazz.



"The crisis accelerated the process of innovations." Ara Khzmalyan

"This crisis has accelerated the end of old phenomena and forms and accelerated the process of innovation." Ara Khzmalyan, Deputy Minister of Education and Science, is in the "Record" pavilion.




"I am a capitalized marginal." Georgs Pelēcis

Famous Latvian composer Georgs Pelēcis had a talk about writing music by order; sitting on two chairs at the same time; not teaching composition; as well as the years of studying in Aram Khachaturian's class and the development of music after Khachatryan.




Vardan Grigoryan, President of the Armenian Rock Association, is in the Pavilion

In the Pavilion of Phonograph Vardan Grigoryan spoke about Armenia in Rock festival, the revival and revitalization of the fragmented and sporadic rock scene in Armenia, the shooting of a film dedicated to the history of Armenian rock, the creation of new and ambitious programs, including a new international rock festival.

American conductor John Nelson, Grammy nominee in the pavilion of Phonograph

“Most of the conductors say - you should do as I want, while musicians hate it. I do my best to establish open relations”. Anahit Margaryan hosts conductor John Nelson, Grammy nominee from the USA.

"I could not not come to jazz, because I was born in a city that was one of the epicenters of jazz." Mariam Merabova

"I just could not not come to jazz, because I was born in the city, which in Soviet times was one of the epicenters of jazz with famous jazz-rock festivals." Anahit Margaryan talked to well-known jazz-pop singer Mariam Merabova in the "Phonograph" pavilion.

What can and what cannot be heard in Komitas Museum-Institute: Mher Navoyan provides explanations.

According to the decision made by the Scientific Board of Komitas Museum-Institute, only original compositions of Komitas are allowed to be performed in the hall of the institution. In the pavilion of “Phonograph”, Chairman of the Scientific Board of Komitas Museum-Institute, Doctor and professor Mher Navoyan explains the decision made by the Board later causing numerous discussions in the press and social media, and even qualified by some as a censorship.  

Cultural year 2016: the guest is the Minister Armen Amiryan

Cultural censure, low-quality restaurant music aired on TV, immigration of young and talented musicians, the wages of musical school teachers. 
“Phonograph” hosts the Minister of Culture of Armenia Armen Amiryan.  


“There is a first-class Jewish musicians’ mafia in Berlin”: Lior Shambadal.

Anahit Margaryan discussed the issues of the specifics of the cultural Armenia, the success story of musical Israel, Jewish musical mafia, mandatory military service of musicians in Israel and many more with the renowned Jewish conductor Lior Shambadal.