Holy Mother of God Church in Yeghipatrush

Built in the 13th century by the order of Vache Vachutyan, the Church of the Holy Mother of God has kept awake not only the spiritual life of Yeghipatrush, but also the surrounding villages. Locals say that the church bell rang so powerfully that it was heard several villages away. Locals tell about the church of the village, the unique khachkars painted in scarlet.

Aruch: Mamikonian residence and 7th century church

Sanctuaries, caravanserai, fort, palace of Mamikonians, many khachkars. However, the pride of the people of Aruch, who have received a rich historical heritage, is the 7th century Saint Grigor Church, next to which was the residence of Grigor Mamikonyan.


Armenian sanctuaries- Makaravank 


In the 9th century, Princess Mariam Bagratuni promised to build 40 churches in her husband's memory. She built four monasteries in Gegharkunik, one in the most difficult place, on an incomparably large Sevan Island. The monastery becomes a powerful place of worship.
Today's Sevan Peninsula is presented to you in the film "Sevanavank" with its little-known but very valuable corners.

Kecharis Monastery

Armenian sanctuaries- Kecharis


Armenian sanctuaries- Hayravank

Church of Bjni

Armenian sanctuaries- Holy Mother of God Church in Bjni.

Hovhannavank Monastery

Armenian sanctuaries - Hovhannavank Monastery. 

Gregory the Illuminator's hermitage in Sarnaghbyur

Armenian sanctuaries- Gregory the Illuminator's hermitage in Sarnaghbyur.

Lmbtavank Monastery

Armenian sanctuaries- Lmbtavank Monastery. 

Tsaghkevank Monastery

Armenian sanctuaries- Tsaghkevank Monastery.

Goshavank Monastery

Armenian sanctuaries- Goshavank Monastery.