New strategy of education and science. part 158

The victories of students from Youth Centers have become commonplace
The students of the Youth Centers often win prizes in national and international competitions. Nork's Youth Center is especially distinguished by its high qualities. All Youth Centers have sports classes. Gyumri and Etchmiadzin structures have international champion students. Hovhannes Yeranyan discussed the issues of aesthetic education, Christian and national education in Youth Centers with Liana Arakelyan, the acting director of the Central Office of Youth Centers of the APC. 

New strategy of education and science. part 157

How has life changed in border communities after the war?
At the scientific conference held at YSU, it was discussed how the life of the residents of border communities and communities that became border after the war has changed, especially in terms of culture. Another study referred to the change of the monumental cultural landscape in the border settlements after the war. Hovhannes Yeranyan discussed with Haykuhi Muradyan, lecturer of the chair of cultural studies of YSU history faculty, the issues of preservation of historical monuments and cultural monuments of border settlements.

New strategy of education and science. part 156

The result of the "Science at School" festival
Hovhannes Yeranyan discussed the events, programs and results of the "Science in the School" festival with Gor Margaryan, a senior researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the National Academy of Sciences. In addition, the new principles of classification of scientists, its possible influence on the development of humanities and social sciences.

New strategy of education and science. part 155

Some officials do not understand what genocide is
Suren Manukyan, head of the Department of Comparative Genocide Studies of the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute, believes that despite the educational process carried out in recent decades, Armenian officials do not know what genocide is. Genocide is not the killing of many people, it is not mass murder, it is an act aimed at destroying a group. According to him, before making a statement about the Genocide, it would be right for the officials to consult with the museum. Hovhannes Yeranyan discussed with Suren Manukyan in "Pavilion" the unnecessary speculations about the number of victims of the Armenian Genocide, the difference between "Genocide" and "Great Genocide".


New strategy of education and science. part 154

One of the reasons for losing the war is the gaps in education
After the war, the "Bardzunk" educational movement formed on the principle of volunteerism in Armenia does not act as an alternative to formal education, but as a complementary structure. Hovhannes Yeranyan discussed with Tigran Areguni, member of the guiding board of the "Bardzunk" educational volunteer movement, programmer, the importance of valuable education and the formation of a new generation endowed with civic and national consciousness in Armenia.


New strategy of education and science. Part 153

Education should be approached with the logic of a builder
We should treat education not with the logic of a soldier, but with the logic of a builder, that each of us has a stone in our hands and we should put that stone in the construction of our state. Everything should start from the first grade and when the child graduates and acquires a profession, his knowledge should contribute to the development of the country. Hovhannes Yeranyan discussed education issues with Marianna Harutyunyan, vice-rector of the Armenian State Pedagogical University.

New strategy of education and science. part 152

The Government did not accept any of the NAS proposals
The government does not take into account any of the dozens of proposals of scientific institutes, departments and the presidency of the National Academy of Sciences regarding the new system of certification of scientists. Discussions have an imitative nature. They are just to announce that there have been discussions. A draft is sent, a large-scale discussion is held, and the government does not take anything into account.
Hovhannes Yeranyan discussed the problematic points of the new system of certification of scientists in the "Pavilion" with Artur Ishkhanyan, Academician-Secretary of the National Academy of Sciences.

New strategy of education and science. Part 151

Yerevan should not be empty of students
YSU lecturer, teacher of "Aregnazan" educational complex Ara Atayan considers that "Academic City" is not about saving or improving the education of Armenia, but about redistributing ownership of good property in the center of the city. According to him, in just one or two years it will be clear which families of today's elite belong to the university buildings.
Hovhannes Yeranyan discussed with Ara Atayan the problem of building the "Academic City" and removing the universities from the capital.

New strategy of education and science. Part 150

The human brain cannot remember all episodes of life, but a touch or a smell can recall all the details of a specific event. Hasmik Daniel, a neurolinguist, claims that it is possible to come to terms with bad memories with the help of NLP, and to get energy from good memories to move forward. In the "Pavilion" Hovhannes Yeranyan discussed with the neurolinguist Hasmik Daniel how to increase the quality of education under the influence of the National Military Academy and how to overcome the post-war stress.

New strategy of education and science. part 149

How to overcome functional illiteracy?
Newmag publishing house recently published businessman Gor Karapetyan's Proactive Leader book, which calls for a joint search for solutions, to overcome functional illiteracy, to raise the low level of social responsibility and education. The author emphasizes the importance of bringing about positive change through functional leadership, mentoring, and caring. Gor Karapetyan is in the pavillion. 

New strategy of education and science. Part 148

In choosing a profession, the role of the parent should be guiding
Adolescents are often guided by stereotypes and not knowing the specifics of the orientation of the profession, they advise children to choose a prestigious profession in their opinion. The parent's role in choosing a profession should not be coercive, but guiding. When making a decision, it is very important to distinguish the cause from the remedy. First you have to choose a profession, then a University.
 Gayane Davtyan, a member of the board of the NGO "Center for Vocational Orientation" presented the features of choosing a profession.

New strategy of education and science. Part 147

Education must solve today's problem
At the moment, serious changes are underway in the labor market, in the ways of organizing life. Currently some young people invest heavily and acquire a profession that no longer exists. Today's education should solve today's problems. Areg Tadevosyan, coordinator of educational programs of "Ardi" Academy of "Renderforest" company, presented the goals of creating the academy and new opportunities for technological education.