Philippine New Year barbecue in one of backyards in Yerevan.  
Italian Simona living in Armenia makes New Year dolma. 
New Year mosaic - gifts, food, baggages.  
The soloists of “Art Cinema” professional film music players on New Year. 
New Year and Christmas in Tonatsuits Folk Theatre. 
The miracle of Christmas for the children of Khachik village, Akhtala and neighboring villages.
“Little Singers of Armenia” sing Christmas songs and sum-up the passing year of the choir. 
On New Year’s night, at 12 o’clock, a pomegranate blessing ceremony takes place in all Armenian Churches. 
Choir of the Mother Cathedral towards the first festive Divine Liturgy of this year.
The spiritual servants of Tavush Diocese - in border guard military bases on the New Year's night. 


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