Old and New Fairy Tales
Following the invention of television, all generations have listened to the bedtime storiestold by grandparents, aunties who became familiar from the screen, and then went to sleep.
Shoghakat TV Company too did not forget its junior audience and produced the series “Old and New Tales”.
However, there is one important distinction between this and other “good nights”. In this case, the story is told by the children themselves, and they tell in such a manner that even the elder attentively listen to them.
Frequency: every day, at 20:50

Aram, sea and fish

One day, Aram's father gives him a snail, which he puts on his ear and begins to hear the sound of the sea. Aram closes his eyes and sees the sea, sand and a fish whispering something in his ear.

Panda sleep

A lively and mischievous panda cannot sleep at the end of the day. He wakes up at night and runs after the fleeing sleep. The harder he runs, the farther sleep escapes. Out of ineptitude, the panda invites a meeting of animals.

The Forgotten Bookstore

After the bookstore closes, a group of mice appear inside and throw a big party. They celebrate all the past holidays and chew books as much as they can. The group of mice does not notice how the light turns on and a girl suddenly enters.

A tale of inter-racial conflict between fire and mice

The evil fairy of fire notices that two tribes of mice live next to each other and decides to turn them against each other.
As a result of the clash between the fat and the thin, hundreds of mice are slaughtered on both sides, and the fields of both tribes are set on fire. Only one family of mice survives. How is the family saved and how do they get along with the fire fairy?

A tale of weighing an elephant

India presents a big elephant to China, after which the Chinese decide to weigh the elephant, but no scale can withstand the weight. The king's assistants come up with different ideas, from measuring the elephant to cutting it up, but the king's little boy comes up with the solution.


A letter to Santa Claus

Narrated by Nare


How not to be afraid of heights

Narrated by Noy

The Owl and the Moon

Narrated by Nare 

Dragons and giants

Narrated by Nare 

Hop-hop the Grasshopper

Narrated by Robert 

Choco Chocolate

Narrated by Victoria 

How to stay alone

Narrated by Noy