Author and host: Anna Sargsyan
In this rapidly changing modern world, an individual faces the issue of self-expression, while the societies need new identity marks. The ever-lasting question that always concerned humanity, universal values are tested in every society in its unique way and require solutions from each individual separately.
“Post-Soviet Armenian Reality”, “Collective Memory”, “Knowledge and Information”, “Lessons of Independance”, “Language and Self-Cognition”…. All these are the topics that are discussed with merited and young scientists, artists and priests in the pavilion of Third Millennium.
The TV series were first created in 2005. In 2011, it won the annual award of Yerevan Press Club for developing the culture of dispute
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Public resistance: a pillar of security

The region is in full swing, the realignment of forces is proceeding with rather harsh conflicts. We have been establishing a peace agenda for more than 3 years, the leaderships of Armenia and Azerbaijan are reaching agreements regarding the handover of the territories of the Armenian villages of Tavush. The low level of public resistance is puzzling. Anna Sargsyan discussed the topic of security with Orientalist Artyom Tonoyan.

Armenia finds itself in a complete blockade

Why does Armenia leave itself out of regional and larger economic and energy mega projects? They can be both economically beneficial and strengthen the country's geopolitical positions and ensure security. Today, as the world becomes Asia-centric, we are shifting the political vector to the West. Thus, is Armenia "opening up" or, on the contrary, "enclaving"? Why does Turkey need the "Zangezur Corridor" so much and whose project is it a part of? Anna Sargsyan discussed the topic with energy security expert, doctor of political sciences, professor Vahe Davtyan. 

Territorial, but whose integrity?

There are 3 power centers in our region: Turkey, Russia and Iran.
The main partner of the West here is Turkey, which acts directly against Armenia. The West is ready to support Armenia to counter threats from Russia and Iran, but Armenia is not threatened by Russia and Iran, but by Turkey and Azerbaijan. Actually, it is Turkey's agenda.
What does diversification of foreign policy mean? Anna Sargsyan discussed the topic with candidate of historical sciences Sergey Melkonyan.

Why are war and defeat inevitable?

The main narrative of the political authorities after the war is that the events happening with Armenia are inevitable. For example, handing over the enclaves is inevitable because the Armenian side is weak. The government presents this weakness as an objective reality, but in reality it is a consequence of poor management and mismanagement of resources. There is a way to change the situation: effective management.
Anna Sargsyan discussed with Vahram Martirosyan, founder director of "Zangi" company, the difficult situation created around Armenia and the possibilities to get out of it.

How do the people of Artsakh live in Armenia?

The Caucasian Research Resource Center conducted and published a study on the integration of forcibly displaced Artsakh residents. It is noteworthy that our compatriots have found themselves in the status of "familiar foreigners" in Armenia. Anna Sargsyan discussed the topic with the authors of the study, Lilit Yezekyan and Mariam Babayan, who was also displaced from Artsakh after the 2020 war.

The people and the rulers

After the 44-day war, the society cannot find itself again. The defeat, the concessionary policy of the government, the lack of resistance has led to public apathy. Society has lost faith in its resources, as a result of which the consequences of defeat are more devastating. When you lose faith, you are already defeated. How to stand up and overcome the psychology of the loser, how to overcome the division? Anna Sargsyan discussed the topic with psychologist Davit Hayrapetyan.

We are not ineligible, but we are at risk

"Artsakh. endangered heritage" trilingual picture book, which includes the Armenian historical-architectural heritage left in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan as a result of the 44-day war was published. Azerbaijan is now planning to destroy the Armenian trace at the state level.
Is the work of scientists used enough to protect the cultural and political rights of the Armenian people against Azerbaijani crimes? Anna Sargsyan discussed the topic with Raffi Kortoshyan, deputy director of the Foundation for the Study of Armenian Architecture.

We are not weak, but we do not realize our strength

If Armenia continues to meet Azerbaijan's demands, it will very quickly self-dissolve, like the Nagorno Karabakh Republic. Why? We are offered peace, cooperation, prosperity, aren't we? Anna Sargsyan discussed the topic with political scientist Saro Saroyan.


Not scared, but disoriented

The question where is our intelligentsia today has a simple answer: where we sent it: the suburbs and "Vernisage". What kind of society are we today? Are we under the influence of fear or are we simply undecided on what to do, what kind of state to build? What has the Artsakh conflict changed in our national behavior? Anna Sargsyan discussed the topic with YSU professor, sociologist, political scientist Artur Atanesyan.

Bare diplomacy

The country has found itself in a zone of complex turbulence of national, state, legitimacy and political identity. The range of these political topics is so wide and diverse that it seems that the establishment is specially involving the public in this constant conversation. This is such a dangerous process that the result may be the Republic of Armenia, but not an Armenian state. How to stand up and march under your own banner? Anna Sargsyan discussed the topic with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ruben Karapetyan.


Why does Armenia question its existence?

For quite some time now, the words state and motherland have a stable place in our daily hot news, but always with a question mark. Why does the state official of the Republic of Armenia question the meaning of the existence of the state? If the reason is the defeat in the war, then it will be done by the enemy. We are discussing with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Vahagn Melikyan. Anna Sargsyan conducts the conversation.

2023 at the "Third Millennium" Pavilion

Current issues of national and state life in 2023. in the course of it, discussions were held with more than 40 experts, specialists in international law and international relations, political scientists, clergy and ethnographers. The conversations were summarized in one video,