Loving the music

Our heroes are the pianist Julietta Vardanyan and director Hakob Manukyan. Although the first recollections of piano are not so lively for Julietta due to her teacher’s long and scary red fingernails, however, it didn’t keep her from choosing music as her profession and become a professional pianist. The rehearsals, recordings and concerts take most part of her day.
As for the director Hakob Manukyan, for him the music is something that comes out of one’s heart, he has chosen a non-professional path of self-improvement – he founded his own reggae band and through his music he tries to silence the noise we are in every day.

Loving the book

How and how much can one love book? Where you can get by loving book?
''Life is a limited time granted for reading'', is convinced Hrach Saribekyan, writer. He loves book so much that often thinks that love as punishment. He says that all, that one would do for living, he will do for book.
As for Seda Shekoyan, art critic, to her, a book is a vehicle helping her to get moved to a place she cannot physically be at that moment. She thinks herself to be a consumer-reader, who is interested in the meeting with books. She reads a lot both by hard copy, as well as electronically, and thinks that both are equally important and will persist yet long.


Garo Tertzakian

American Armenian physician, philanthropist, was born in Lebanon. He received his primary education in Nishan Palandjian College and studied medicine in the American University of Beirut. This is where he met his future wife, Sylvie, who came from Jerusalem. They moved to US after they got married. At present, they reside in Santa Ana, California (Orange County). They live happily with their children Talin and Aram.
1987 was crucial for Garo Tertzakian. He was invited to Armenia. Since then, he visits Armenia every year. He has supported a number of hospitals through provision of up-to-date medical equipment and professional skills. In recent years, he cooperates with St. Nerses Hospital of Holy See of Etchmiadzin. He was awarded a letter of blessing of His Holiness, Mkhitar Heratsi Medal and various awards.


Karen Derdzyan

The hero of our program is Karen Derdzyan, eco-businessman. Eco Pub is the first place in Armenia where smoking is forbidden and ecologically clean food and beverages are served. Before opening the Eco Pub, Karen was importing ecologically clean lighting systems. Apart from being an eco-businessman, Karen is also a big fan of audio books. He established the company "Audio Book" in Armenia as a result of the lack of quality audio books. At present, owing to this company, the "Fire in the Refinery" by Shirvanzade, "Our Xenomania" by Hakob Paronyan and other literature are available.

Next Station - Belarus

A cultural cooperation program for 2014-2017 will be signed between the Ministries of Culture of Armenia and Belarus. The ballet “Spartacus” will be jointly staged in Yerevan and Minsk. Prior to that, from May 1-5, 2013, Armenian culture days were held in Belarus. The Armenian culture was presented by the performances of Armenia state dance ensemble “Barekamutyun” (“Friendship”), exhibition of the designer Arevik Petrosyan’s paintings and screening of Armenian films.

Cultural Nabourhood

Five Armenian Churches will be renovated in Tbilisi. Armenian specialists are also to take part in these activites. The official visit of the RA Minister of Culture to Georgia, made in March 20, 2013, produced tangible results.
Bilateral program will save a number of monuments from destruction, shaping new quality for the cultural nabourhood between two countries.


Ararat Sargsyan

Ararat Sargsyan, a painter-sculptor, spent his childhood in Leninakan. The road from the school to the House of Pioneer passed by the Church. That mysterious building was present as a splendid architectural monument only, nothing more could be discerned then… Later in his life, the artist started reading the Bible. It appeared to him like an abstruse book which somewhat resembled to a fairy-tale. “Then, little by little, my life began to translate into that half fairy-tale”, - tells Ararat Sargsyan. The artist shares his thoughts on his findings about his passed roads, identity and human essence.


My first book

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote and illustrated his first book at age 29, Janny Rodary -- at age 21, while Hovhannes Toumanyan -- at age 12.
The first illustrated book of our contemporary -- Aram Petrosyan, is also ready.


Universities, part 2

The public-political state of Western Europe changed fundamentally following the fall of Roman Empire. A unique scientific-educational culture was established resulting from complex relationships between ancient, Christian, Islamic, barbaric traditions, which served as a basis for the very first Western-European universities. These schools reached to such degree of perfection that laid the foundation of most reputable universities of the present world.


Robert Melkeyan

“God in me, means the honest is in me, the pure in me. That is, to sin as little as possible in your life”, this is the simple formula that Robert Melkeyan, Art Director of the National Chamber Orchestra of Armenia uses to live and create.
From 2005, he is also conducting “Our Lady of Armenia” Choir. He thinks that every single one has its own place in the spriritual world given by God. The path envisaged for him is the path of spiritual music and he is ever happy for that.


Tigran Hekekyan

Tigran Hekekyan, well-known conductor, professor of Yerevan State Conservatory after Komitas, was baptized in 32, in Jerusalem. He got married in 43, and now is a father of four children. The Maestro tells about his unforgettable impressions, when he first took the Bible on his hand and came to know the spiritual music.


Nazar and Artemis Nazarians bear the honorable name of National philanthropists. For decades, Nazarian family stood beside the Armenian Church, contributed to the community, educational and social program of Armenia and Diaspora, served as the advocate and propagator of preservation of the Armenian identity. One of the major programs in Armenia was the construction of the Chancellery of Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, the YSMU Radiology Center, and new AGBU office. The undertakings of Nazarians were highly appreciated by the Presidents of independent Armenia, spiritual leaders. Charity is the expression of genuine Christian faith and spirit. It is this idea that guides the noble family of Nazarians. His Holiness Karekin II, Catholicos of All Armenians makes a speech of appreciation in the film about Nazarians. The participants include also Ashot Ghazarian, Director of AGBU (1991-2011), Bishop Arshak Khachatrian, Mother See Chancellor, Father Partev Barseghian, Mother See Vice Chancellor, Marina Movsesyan, radiologist in YSMU Radiology Center, Vasken Yacoubian, Central Board member of AGBU, as well as Nazar and Artemis Nazarians and their grandson - Mathew Nazarian.