What is virtue - a way of life, a way of thinking or a divine grace?  The guests of the program talk about the ideas that have guided humanity on the path of wisdom.

Brotherly Love

Who is the brother-loving person, what value system do s/he have, what sacrifices is s/he ready to make for the sake of a friend? The soldiers protecting the borderlines of the Motherland, their officers and the Chaplain talk about the love towards brother, friend. 


Erin is a US Peace Corps volunteer. He moved to Armenia one year ago. He currently lives and works in Ijevan, Tavush Diocese and "Bridge of Hope" NGO. He is also singing in the church choir. According to Erin, volunteer work rests upon the wish of people to help and support each other, which, in its turn, is the daily practice of humanism. 


All the goods of this life was created by God and allowed for men to enjoy these. What is the meaning of temperance and abstinence in a Christian's life, what do the Bible and holy fathers command? Presented by Father Vardan Navasardyan, film critic Davit Muradyan and Father Yeprem Zargaryan.


Endurance is a virtue; this is clear to every Christian, however, what can be and cannot be endured? What is the limit of endurance; for the sake of what should one endure? Bishop Gevorg Saroyan, education expert Nvard Manasyan and editor in chief of the monthly “Sunflower”, Zara Batoyan share their view-points on the aforementioned issues.

Peace Building

Why are people, communities and countries dissentious, what is the real, core reason for human conflicts, intolerance and wars, what do we need not to get into confrontations, obtain inner peace? Writer Hovhannes Yeranyan, Father Shnorhk Sargsyan and journalist Ara Galoyan share their thoughts on these and other issues related to peace building.


What is loyalty to ideas, country, work, man and the Church? Why is loyalty considered to be a virtue, why does a man learns to live in loyalty? Father Vahram Melikyan, former judge Pargev Ohanyan, at critic Ara Khzmalyan share their thoughts on the topic.


Why is it important to show care towards your neighbor, what does it take from someone to be a foster and what does he gain? Father Markos Mangasarian, surgeon Karen Qloyan and Pastor's wife Anahit Hovhannisyan, who is involved in the care of orphanage children, share their experience and view-points on fostering.


Who are humble people, what is the difference between humbleness and pitifulness, can a self-conceited person be brave and dignified, or that is the virtue of the humble? Father Smbat Sargsyan, theologist Arshavir Gabujyan and young film director Hayk Mkrtchyan address a number of issues referring to humbleness...


Forgiveness is one of the key aspects of Christian ethics. Why is it so important to forgive each other? What does it mean to each of the conflicting parties? Why should we sympathize with the sinner? Father Kyuregh Talyan and Father Ghazar Petrosyan answer the questions.


Unjust life, unjust deed, unjust social relationships -- all these phrases are the most frequently heard ones in our everyday life. What is the Christian perception of justice? How can it affect our daily life? Reverend Father ZakariaBaghumyan talks about possible ways of achieving social justice.