The reopening of the "Khrimyan Hayrik" school near the St. Hovhannes Church in Byurakan village has changed the daily life of the village children.


The children of Akhtala know every corner and stone of the Holy Mother of God Church. They tell us stories and miracles about their favorite places.





"The winters in Krasar are very severe and the other seasons are cold and rainy, but that does not stop us from going to Tukh Manuk, Paponts sourche, bridge."


Our film crew was hosted in the village of Koti, Tavush region, our companions are the children from Kote.


Sevkar Sunday School has changed the daily life of the village children…


Aygedzor children look forward to building their church…


In the village of Vardenik we were greeted by the children of the "Wiki" club.


Children of Bjni are telling.


Our camera walked around the village of Tsovinar. We, as always, were accompanied by the children of the village.




Our film crew toured the village of Oshakan.

Melik Village

After the re-consecration of St. Hovhannes Church the daily routine of Melik village changed. A Church choir was established and despite the severe winter, children congregate here every week. During our shooting, they were traveling in the village by groups and giving the Good Tiding from house to house.


Children from Gosh village welcomed our film crew and accompanied them to their favorite place, Goshavank.