Father Shavarsh Simonyan

"Prayer is the only way to happiness. Where there is prayer, there the church breathes and lives. " Our film crew left for Dilijan, and was hosted by the local spiritual pastor Father Shavarsh Simonyan.

Christmas: Father Mikayel Nurijanyan, Father Shavarsh Simonyan

The birth of Christ became a new beginning for the salvation of humanity, good news of hope, faith, light, truth, reconciliation and peace. The TV program “My Pastor” hosted Father Mikayel Nurijanyan and Father Shavarsh Simonyan.


Father Mikayel Nurijanyan

“Every priest should pass through the four stairs – repentance, remission of sins, conversion and communion. We should walk towards God in a life worthy of a Christian.”
TV program “My Pastor” hosts Father Mikayel Nurijanyan. 


Father Norayr Baghdasaryan

“Every priest has the gift of healing. However, it’s utterly important that the patient has faith.”
TV program “My Pastor” hosts Father Norayr Baghdasaryan. 


Holy Nativity

The participants of the TVprogram series “My Pastor” – Father Nshan Alavedyan, Father Smbat Sargsyan, Father Yesayi Artenian and Father Grigor Hovhannisyan talk about the sacrament of Holy Nativity, which are love, happiness, good-heartedness. 

Father Smbat Sargsyan

“Family is a small church. If we all realize those wise words of Apostle Paul, we’ll have a harmonized, unified and wise families. This what I preach at wedding ceremonies.”
“My Pastor” program hosted Father Smbat Sargsyan.

Father Yesayi Artenian

“A pastor or priest should bear the difficulties and trials of the flock himself, and often bear the responsibility for this or that act. Only in that case will they trust you and believe that God loves them, furthermore, He loves everyone with no exceptions.”
Father Yesayi Artenian, who is working with the deaf for a long time now, shares his experience and feelings as a priest.


Father Ashot Safaryan

“From the first day of my service, I was lucky enough to work with children in the Sunday School of Masis city, in Youth Center, in kindergartens, in Children's Support Center». 
The guest of TV program series “My Pastor” is Father Ashot Safaryan.


Father Grigor Hovhannisyan

“Key mission of the spiritual pastor is to help and be useful especially in hard situations. It was with that very mission that I assumed this difficult yet extremely important service of visiting the prisoners serving life sentence”. 
The guest of TV program series “My Pastor” is Father Grigor Hovhannisyan. 


Father Paruyr Avetisyan

“In the past, people would approach to the priest themselves and ask questions, and the priest was never concerned about keeping people closer to the Church. However, today there are a vast number of barriers between people and the Church, and the main mission of the priest should be getting out of the Church, preaching the Gospel and leading people to the Church”. 
The guest of TV program series “My Pastor” is Father Paruyr Avetisyan.