Arpenik Hakobyan- "Pray"

Even in the most difficult and hopeless situation, you can find a way out, pray and live," says composer, jazz singer Arpenik Hakobyan. Her new work "Prayer" is about living.

Garegin Arakelyan, "Land of Light"

In "Gatha Band" Garegin Arakelyan mainly makes arrangements and processing, there is almost no time left for original works. In our pavillion, the musician tells interesting details about his author's composition "Land of Light".

Arman Peshtmaljian, "Duration of passion"

Composer, arranger, pianist Arman Peshtmaljian presents his new author's work in our pavillion: "Duration of passion". 

Arman Peshtmaljian, "Sit on my bridle"

The folk love song "Nstir im gyamin" was performed for the first time, arranged by Arman Peshtmaljian. The author provides interesting details about the work process.

Hasmik Baghdasaryan, "Janoy"

In our pavillion, soprano Hasmik Baghdasaryan tells about the development of the song "Janoy" that came to us from the Van-Vaspurakan region and the love story of a young girl.

Lyoka, "My address is the same"

"I'm under siege now, not my friends who stayed in Artsakh," says Artsakh rapper Lyoka (Valery Ghazaryan), who stayed in Yerevan due to the blocking of the Lachin Corridor. All his songs are about the homeland and himself.

Hasmik Baghdasaryan, "Ah, Tnaver"

I will be a bush, you will be dew, I will be water, you will be a tepid."  Soprano Hasmik Baghdasaryan presents interesting details about "Ah, tnaver" from Sasna songs in our pavillion. 

"Rosen Tal" group, "Forever Gardens"

What does "Rosen Tal" sing in the song "Forever Gardens"? 

Artsakh State Jazz Orchestra, "Vocaliz"

The Artsakh State Jazz Orchestra, reorganized and filled with young musicians, published the first video. Artistic director, famous trumpeter Tigran Suchyan talks about the orchestra and their version of "Vocalize" at our pavillion. 

Lyoka, "Take me home"

Artsakh rapper Lyoka (Valery Ghazaryan) wrote the song "Take me home" in 2019. During the Artsakh wars, he lost his home and relatives. The song is unfortunately still relevant now.

"Tiezerk" Band, "I want to dance"

When you are so sad and desperate that you want to dance out of helplessness. The girls of "Tiezerk" tell about the song "I want to dance".

"Nairyan" vocal ensemble, "Nubar"

"Nairyan" vocal ensemble is the only one in the region that also sings in sign language. "Nubar" is the first successful attempt at that important work.