"Rozen Tal" band, "People of the Sun"

"People of the Sun" is a call for unity and awakening. It will be the first song of the new album of the group "Rosen Tal".

Artur Khachents, "45 days of war"

The song and music written by Artur Khachens for the film "45 Days of War" is dedicated to the memory of the boys who died in the Artsakh war.

"Kayt Band", "Lusnak"

The "Lusnak" song written by Komitas was presented by the "Kayt" orchestra with a new arrangement. The musicians of "Kayt" tell us in our booth how they shot the video and what instrumentation they used.

"Saghsara" project, "Ah Tnaver"

The song "Ah tnaver" was written by the members of the "Saghsara" project from Avag Sahakyan, a resident of Nerkin Bazmaberd village. His grandfather and father, who emigrated from Ergir, sang it, and he wrote it down carefully. The notebook full of songs was given to the boys of "Saghsara", new songs are expected.

"Katil" band, "Hosk"

The guys in the band sing about the endless flow of time and space in "Hosk". The video and the song were made on the phone, find out more details in the program.

Artur Khachents- "Kyass kiss"

The song "Kyass kiss" by Artur Khachents from Hadrut and our compatriot Apo Sahakyan from Israel tells the memories and pain of the lost homeland in the dialect of Hadrut. You will find out what the title of the song means and how it sounds in literary Armenian by watching our program.

Saghsara" project, "Zulo"

"Zulo" written in Lernapat village of Lori region is one of the first works of "Saghsara". The success of the song encouraged the musicians not to give up and continue the process of recording and development.

"Katil Band", "Arrival"

The song "Arrival" was recorded and videotaped at the airport of Goris. You will find out why this place was chosen by listening to the comments of the authors.

To the Sun" by "Lav Eli"

How was the song "To the Sun" created? The members of the "Lav Eli" group reveal it. 

Spring by "Dogma"

My name is Spring, my name is in your heart."  "Dogma" group members talk about the crazy heroes of their song.

The "Now" of "Tiezerk" Band

The girls of the group "Tiezerk" tell direct and interesting episodes about their song "Hima" in our pavilion.

"Hope for Coffee", "Laz Dance"

The development of the song "Laz Dance" in the village of Balu in Western Armenia is presented by the young musicians of the "Hope for Coffee" band.