Mari Erkat

In the 1950s and 1960s, Marie Erkat was one of the first to make dolls with national figures. Her hundreds of dolls of historical significance represent the costumes of people of different social backgrounds in the regions of Western and Eastern Armenia.

Albert Zakaryan

Kamancha, oud, kanon, santur - these instruments can be seen in Albert Zakaryan's studio. He is one of the unique masters of our city who makes national instruments. The 83-year-old has been making tools since the 1960s and says his engineering education has helped him a lot. Many famous performers play the instruments of Master Albert, he was able to innovate and those instruments we used to know sound newly today.

Garik Papoyan

For more than a hundred years, thanks to the blacksmiths of the Kalosnik family, the ringing of hammers and dungeons has not stopped on Teryan Street in Gyumri. There are many blacksmiths in the "City of Masters", but blacksmithing is considered to be the ancestral craft of the Kalosniks. Garik Papoyan is the sixth generation of the family, at first he worked with his father, after his death he is alone.

Vano and Vardan Dadoyans

Vardan got acquainted with the secrets of wood carving in the studio of his father, People's Master Vano Dadoyan, and now he already has students.

Heriknaz Galstyan

Heriknaz Galstyan considered herself a representative of ethno modern art. National symbols were reborn in her art with a new breath. Stone, wood, iron ․ The sculptor's friends were amazed at how easily even the hardest materials could bend in this woman's hands. Many of Heriknaz Galstyan's works are now on permanent display in museums and galleries.


Bogdan Hovhannisyan

In the studio of a khachkar maker from Vanadzor, the sound of instruments is mixed with the song. Ethnographic song, painting, graphics, sculpture and many students ․ The rich world of Bogdan Hovhannisyan in our camera.


Armen Goginyan

81-year-old People's Master Armen Goginyan teaches wood carving to children of Noyemberyan border villages.

Artsrun Berberyan of Van

"Master Artsrun Berberyan, from Van.  I built my studio in the year of 1879.  I have been earning for forty years. Let my door be open in front of many nations and Armenian people."  These lines were written at the door of the studio of the People's Master Artsrun Berberyan.
The original jewelry of the master was worn by the famous women of the time. Today, his Armenian and foreign students continue his work in different parts of the world.