March 5

Trials are not always for sins
Trials are sometimes given to improve us. If you don't know why you are suffering, then maybe you don't need to know the reason. Trust God, because you do not know why he created the world and why he allowed these trials to happen to you.
Rev. Fr. Movses Sahakyan speaks on this. 
(Twenty Third day of Great Lent. Job. 38.2-39.35: )

Blessing of the Holy Muron prayers. Strengthen all Your people

Grant to us, sinners that this light oil may be an occasion for the healing of invisible wounds: drip the saving drop of this oil of blessing upon the deadly sores of the dragon's venom. Make mercy with this, give and atone, bestow healing, clothe with grace, bestow bliss. And now, to You alone, guardian Lord, I raise again the hands of my heart, with the riding of my tongue and the sound of my lips; Lord, listen to me who pleads with mercy to You. Keep with this now those who have come to worship You in front of Your divine stage, granting forgiveness of sins to all, and with this anointing strengthen all Your people.

Blessing of Holy Muron prayers. For this blessed Muron works miracles

This nature of the blessed oil, in which your Holy Trinity is united, grant us to be a ray of hope, an illumination of the mind, a sign of the Lord on the forehead, a guardian of the lips, a strength of the soul, against the tumult of demons, a destroyer of pains, a protection of virgins, the growth of children, the care of the elderly, the ordainer of the devoted. and a crown of kings. For this blessed Muron works miraculous arts and admirable works, amazing powers.

Blessing of the Holy Muron on October 1

The Cauldron of Holy Muron 

Blessing of the Holy Muron prayers. By this, let them be familiar and close to You

Merciful Lord, send Your almighty Holy Spirit on this Muron, and do this: an anointing of holiness, spiritual grace, life for our life, guardian and sanctifier of mind and body, oil of joy, which was presented to us by the Laws and brightened by the New Covenant; according to which You yourself anointed the holy apostles, and they all, with the rebirth of the pool, from which the children of the Church are reborn to this day.
By this let them be familiar and close to You, and keep all Your servants, men and women, holy in soul and body, to be free from all evil, to be Your own people, sealed with this muron. To be spotless, and to have Christ in their hearts with You, Father, and with Your Most Holy Spirit. 

Blessing of the Holy Muron on October 1

The Muron is blessed with three main sanctuaries, one of which is the relic of Christ's cross. 

Blessing of the Holy Muron prayers. Whoever is anointed with this will be God-fearing and fearless of the enemy

Almighty Lord, who is great and wonderful in Your glory, who gave renewal of life to those who were old in sins. You are the one Who enlightens the blind, enlightens the foolish, raises the fallen. Now, by the power of Your Most Holy Spirit, let this oil be the oil of joy, a bright garment, a royal anointing, sanctification of souls and bodies; spiritual graces, the preserver of life, the seal of righteousness, the weapon of faith against all the works of the wicked, so that whoever is anointed with this may fear God and fear the enemy.

Blessing of the Holy Muron on October 1

The Muron is blessed with the main sanctities of the Armenian Church, one of which is Holy Lance of Geghard, who pierced the side of Christ.

Blessing of the Holy Muron prayers. Let this sacrament not be a condemnation to us

Almighty God, who is the giver of all good things, have mercy on us, the unworthy, and on Your people, for Your great name, by which we are called. Accept this incense as a sweet fragrance to smell sweetly before Your kingdom, and pour into us the graces of Your Holy Spirit to perform this great worship, which we perform as priests at the command of Your holy apostles. Let this sacrament not be a condemnation for us, and let us not be debtors in Your terrible judgment, but let this great and honorable sacrament be an atonement and forgiveness for our sins.

Blessing of the Holy Muron on October 1

The new muron is constantly mixed with the old muron. Thus, every newly blessed drop of muron has from the blessed muron of the Enlighter.

Blessing of the Holy Muron on October 1

The Muron is also blessed with the right relic of St. Gregory the Illuminator.