Rev. Fr. Pargev Palgevorgyan

This time the program "My Pastor" was hosted in Mrgavan village, Spiritual Pastor of the St. Hakob Church, Rev. Fr. Pargev Palgevorgyan's family. The Spiritual Pastor moved from Syria to Armenia.



Chocolate production

"Now we import cocoa beans from different countries, but our goal is to grow cocoa trees in Armenia, and have Armenian chocolate." Mher Tadevosyan and Dianna Khopshanomova founded a handicraft production of chocolate called TadDin chocolatier. Various types of chocolates are dominated by Armenian endemic kernels: tarragon, mint, thyme, honey, doshab.



Embry Tech

"Embry Tech" is an Armenian startup that creates smart insoles for shoes. And the Ebry Tech app records body weight changes, analyzes activity and behavior, and helps to lead a healthy lifestyle.



Rockbite Games

The Deeptown and Sandship games of the Rockbite games Armenian company have more than 10 million downloads on Apple and Android systems. The founders claim that the games they create train the mind, require knowledge and flexibility.

Art Socks

Giving each others socks is not very common in Armenia. The authors of the Art Socks project have decided to fill that gap and make presenting socks a tradition.  The socks have fragments of works by famous artists, and the special frames in which the socks are packed complete the design of the product.

"Pes Pes" Game about cities

Yana Babajanyan and Sergey Tantushyan studying the Armenian market, realized that there is no game to recognize the hometown for children. And they created the game "Pes Pes".



Rev. Fr. Ghazar Torosyan

We left for the Marmarashen village and were hosted Rev. Fr.  Ghazar Torosyan, spiritual pastor of St. Gevorg Church.



Artur Saryan and Naira Niazyan

Arthur and Naira were born in Armenia. Each of them appeared outside of Armenia for different reasons. Naira meets Arthur during one of her exhibitions in Moscow. A few years later, they moved to Armenia with their own family.



I Bari

"I Bari" is a production of honey, conserve, jams, dried fruits and legumes. You can get acquainted with the new "Mrgastan" brand with the "Arlupa" augmented reality application.


#Stay at home- like Mesrop and Teresa

#Stay at home. Recipe from the daily life of a young family.

Meruzhan and Arpine

During the marriage, for various reasons, "starting from scratch" was even fun for them, they did not have time to get bored ...



Nata Bretel

Nata Bretel was born in Armenia, then lived in Moscow, Syria and Australia. Now she is in Armenia again. "I do clothing design, photography, I do different things, I feel more empowered and important here."