Greenhouses of Khoronk village

Greenhouse farming is very popular in Khoronk village. The program "The land is not waiting" visited the people of Khoronk.

The 2023 New Year under a new roof of Artsakh Armenians

Our pre-holiday camera was hosted in Artsakh families.

Autumn-sow in Yeghipatrush village

This time our creative group is in the Aparan region, in Yeghipatrush village. Mher Parvanyan from Yeghipatrush accompanies and teaches us in the autumn planting activities.

The master of drip irrigation

Agriculturalist Albert Petrosyan uses 10 times less water to irrigate 20 hectares of land using the drip method than in the case of traditional watering.  Instead of being watered in 3-4 days, the area is watered in 3-4 hours. Albert Petrosyan shares his skills and knowledge with us.

Iskuhi Sargsyan's embroidery world

"I look at life through the laces I make- these are not rose-colored glasses, these are the creations of my fingers." We discover the embroidery world of Iskuhi Sargsyan

Care and Health Assurance Association of the Elderly

The Association for Health and Care of the Elderly is engaged in the development of geriatrics in Armenia. The day center has a specialized recreation, functional activity and health care program for people 65 and older. There is also a special group for people with Alzheimer's disease (dementia) to preserve their cognitive state as long as possible and support their families.

Hripsime of Krashen

I started from my village, Krashen," says Mrs. Hripsime. She drives a tractor and a truck, builds a playground and a bus stop, organizes tree planting and garbage collection. She has a plan to create a drying place for women in the village. She is sure that if everyone does something in her village, there will be a change in the country.

Dollmaker Alla Sargsyan

Alla Sargsyan's dolls are Armenian in face and character. "When I am done with the doll, I take a look at it and if I smile, then it's done," says the dollmaker, "and that's my happiness, to bring joy to even one person."

Carpenter Karen Khachaturyan

Karen has been engaged in carpentry for 35 years, knows the secrets and character of all wood species.

Anahit Grigoryan

Color to color, piece to piece complete a story and gather harmony. One of the principles of "Arkaneli" is to find that harmony through decorative textiles, sun-pillows, buns and blankets.


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Akunk Village

"We are waiting for the grape harvest, we have no shortage of water, the variety of fruits is connected with that.”  The program "Land does not wait" visited the village of Akunk.