Ashkhen Baghdasaryan

Ashkhen Baghdasaryan is the wife of Rev. Fr. Tachat Barseghyan. Ashkhen, who was in love with photography had no idea that she would connect her life with a clergyman. And today she already has her own small photography studio in Vanadzor.

Vahe Abroyan's Mother

Everything at home reminds of the son who died in the war. You need the strength to finish unfinished things. That power was given to the Abroyan family through the birth of little Vahan.

Deacon Davit Gishyan

Davit achieved serious success in martial arts, music and cooking. One day, after attending Liturgy for the first time in St. Hripsime Church in Yalta, the path of his life changed.

The scribes of Vanadzor

From pilgrimage to football- In Vanadzor we met St.  Grigor Narekatsi church children, talked about their activities.

Father Hovhan Leon Khoja-Einatyan

Mr. Hovhan is a musician by profession, he founded the "Narek Bells" orchestra at St. Jacob's Church in Evanston. The visit to Armenia was an opportunity to present Alan Hovhannes' work "Khorhurd Nahatakats" with the "Yerevan" string quartet.

Waiting for Christmas in Chknagh

The children of Chknagh village have gathered and are eagerly waiting for Christmas.

Choir of the Holy Cross Church in Aparan

The children of the choir of the Holy Cross Church perform a Komitas four-voice liturgy. Our film crew also joined one of their pilgrimages.

Samo Ghazaryan's Mother

With a heartbeat, mother of Samo Ghazaryan, who was killed in the 44-day war, is holding the flower of her son, which was taken care of in the military unit... Anush became a mother again with the birth of Leo.

Khoren Abrahamyan

He was passionate on stage, charming in the movies, as he used to say, a simple and real citizen of Yerevan in life. Close friends tell about the great artist out of the stage. 

Deacon Tigran Sargsyan

Tigran chose the clergyman's dress after graduating from the Pedagogical University. He is now a deacon. Most of his paintings are in Aparan with unique nature and unique villages.

Arpine Harutyunyan

For Arpine, the idea of ​​a clergy family was very vague, and she did not even think that one day she would become a priest's wife. 

Levon Manukyan's Mother

Nelli is the mother of Levon Manukyan, who died in the 44-day war. The newborn daughter, Leona, has opened a new window of light in her life. Despite serious health problems, Nellie says the birth of her daughter has made her stronger.