"After the war we are trying to stand up․ It is our land, and we are fighting like this way." We visited Arshaluys and Geghakert villages of Armavir region. 




Spiritual Servant- Dn. Simon Igityan

Our film crew visited Deacon Simon Igityan, a participant in the 44-day Artsakh war.


Hrachya starts Sunday in the St. John the Baptist Church in Arinj. The day goes well with friends. The rest of the day is in his father's studio, doing miniature painting. He knows he still has a lot to learn.





"The winters in Krasar are very severe and the other seasons are cold and rainy, but that does not stop us from going to Tukh Manuk, Paponts sourche, bridge."

The scribes of Aparan

Zori, Zaven, Narek, Mushegh and Azat walk every Sunday in the churches of the villages of Aparan, helping the priests during the liturgies. They tell us about their travels and adventures.



The Singer of the Front line -Arthur Khachents

Our film crew visited the participant of the 44-day Artsakh war, singer-songwriter Arthur Khachents.


Our film crew was hosted in the village of Koti, Tavush region, our companions are the children from Kote.

Tumanyan in the language of cinema

How were Hovhannes Tumanyan's works told in the language of cinema?


Seven-year-old Avetik wears a T-shirt in Dilijan Church and helps Father Shavarsh during the rituals. Avetik and his friend Tigran introduce our film crew to his small world and big homeland.



His Grace Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan

"From the moment we are born, life itself is a grace- grace is the meeting place of man and God." Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan is in front of the camera of the "Luys Zvart" with his thoughts and works.


Family is love

According to little Norayr, there three things are important in a family: hope, faith, and love. Norayr tells about his family and his daily life.



The Spiritual Servant- Dn. Sevak Grigoryan

Our film crew visited Deacon Sevak Grigoryan, a participant of the Second Artsakh War.