Haig Didizian

September, 2015, Muron blessing. This ritual of the Armenian Church also has a Godfather. He accompanies the Armenian Patriarch during the ceremony, and after the opening of the Couldron of Muron, he holds its cover during the blessing of oil. As a rule, only devoted persons with significant investment in the national and church life can become a Godfather of Muron Blessing ceremony. In 2015, the Godfather of Muron Blessing ceremony was London-based Haig Didizian.

Gabriel Chemberdjian

The film talks about the activities of Gabriel Chemberdjian, Armenian benefactor, President of Pyunik Panarmenian Foundation for Human Resource Development and the program it implemented.



Toufayan family residing in America implements large-scale charity program in Armenia and Diaspora. Armenian Church Youth Center “Hratch and Susan Toufayan” operates under the auspices of the Mother See with their support. Under the same roof, socially insecure families use the services of charity canteen. It was through Toufayans’ philanthropy that the Kindergarten of Zangakatun community in Ararat Marz was fully renovated and equipped. Toufayan family also sponsors allocation of student scholarships. All the family members are actively involved in the Church and community life. St. Harutyun Church in Florida was actually built with Hratch Toufayan’s support. They also implemented a number of program in collaboration with the ARF of the Eastern Diocese of America.
The participants of the program present Toufayans’ charity projects underway implemented in various areas.


Vladimir Harutyunyan

Vladimir Harutyunyan is a businessman from Moscow. He develops management projects for companies dealing with oil and gas mining and sale. Our hero has always had a keen interest in the black gold market. He has even written a book about it. He used to be the director of "Soyuz Oil Export" in Soviet times. He has a large family of 4 children and 13 grand-children. The humanitarian was again in his homeland, visiting Kecharis monastery complex, which is under restoration thanks to his donations.


Garo Tertzakian

American Armenian physician, philanthropist, was born in Lebanon. He received his primary education in Nishan Palandjian College and studied medicine in the American University of Beirut. This is where he met his future wife, Sylvie, who came from Jerusalem. They moved to US after they got married. At present, they reside in Santa Ana, California (Orange County). They live happily with their children Talin and Aram.
1987 was crucial for Garo Tertzakian. He was invited to Armenia. Since then, he visits Armenia every year. He has supported a number of hospitals through provision of up-to-date medical equipment and professional skills. In recent years, he cooperates with St. Nerses Hospital of Holy See of Etchmiadzin. He was awarded a letter of blessing of His Holiness, Mkhitar Heratsi Medal and various awards.


Artak Gulian

Armenian Monastery complex of Moscow is a weighty architectural and cultural presence in the Armenian Diaspora. The complex includes big and small churches, the building of Armenian Prelacy in Russia, cultural, educational institutions, and also reception facilities. This construction fully adheres to the national architectural principles and represents one of the works of architect Artak Gulian.
The famous architect of nowadays has his own viewpoint on the current church construction. It's worthwhile knowing his own interpretation of the history of Armenian Church construction.
The film also presents other churches and structures designed by the architect both in Armenia and other countries.