Rev. Fr. Sevak Saribekyan

"Grace is God's first touch to man," says Fr. Sevak, recounting the turning point in his life when he went to Italy to study as a restorer.

Rev. Fr. Teodik Chetinkaya

In Constantinople, Father Teodik helped the tailor in his youth. Today he creates ritual costumes of the clergy by combining old and new Armenian ornaments.

Rev. Fr. Vasken Hovhannisyan

Fr. Vasken has opened a khachkar-art school near the Oshakan Church. He creates and teaches to create.



His Grace Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan

"From the moment we are born, life itself is a grace- grace is the meeting place of man and God." Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan is in front of the camera of the "Luys Zvart" with his thoughts and works.


Rev. Fr. Isahak Margaryan

"Grace is given when a person goes to meet God," the hero of our program, Rev. Fr. Isahak Margaryan, is convinced.



Deacon Narek Kirakosyan

Deacon Narek sings in Etchmiadzin Choir, masters a few instruments – reedpipe, guitar, duduk. “I can’t imagine my life without music”, - says Narek, - “creativity is the biggest gift ever given to men, an opportunity of self-expression and self-recognition”.

Deacon Artur Vardanyan

“I came to Gevorkian Theological Seminary as an adult. I was entrusted with teaching the seminary students the spiritual singing. During the Mass I am singing in the same class with my pupils; it is a great responsibility.” Deacon Artur Vardanyan.

Father Abel Kartashyan

“I came to priesthood service in quite a mature age. It was difficult in the beginning. Spiritual music was such a new and unveiled world for a violin player. It took me a while to understand what a gift I got…”. 

Acolyte Sevan Itch

Acolyte Sevan Itch was born and raised in Istanbul. He took up silversmithin when he was still eight. He always dreams about seeing one of his own works in the church. His life took a drastic change when he came to Armenia, and now he is an acolyte in Gevorkian Theological Seminary. 

Father Sahak Martirosyan

At that time, Father Sahak Martirosyan was serving in Noravank. When he first saw his photographs in the newspapers, he was surpurised as he never thought of seriously taking up that specific type of art. “I took the photos and saw that I managed to do a good job so I decided to share my little joys with others. It’s been ten years since I’m here and every day is like the first day…” 

Deacon Davit Saribekyan

“I await in front of the white canvas with prayer and patience for the advent of this image which is in you or you are in it…” 
Deacon Davit Saribekyan in creation.


Father Tovma Andreasyan

“Ability to create is a gift from God to a man for enlighing his soul in his hard times. It doesn’t matter what genre your works pertain to, what matters is that what it gives to your soul. ” 
Father Tovma Andreasyan in creation.