New Edesia and Ujan Villages

It is a branch of fruit trees in New Edesia. Apples, peaches, pears, and oleanders have their own methods of pruning. Aram Sirunyan explains their difference. Then the program "The Earth is not waiting" leaves for Ujan. Here is grapevine as well.


The grapevine in the village of New Edesia

There are more than 10 varieties in the vineyard of Kamo and Komitas Aghabekyans, each of them has its own "laws".


Gay Village Basil Greenhouse

"The land is not waiting" program this time is in the village of Gay, Armavir region, in the basil greenhouse.

The black ficus and tangerines of Geghanist

Tropical plants and fruits are cultivated in Armenia: exclusive varieties of mandarin, pineapple and lemon. Our film crew is in the greenhouse of Vahram in Geghanist. 

Greenhouses of Khoronk village

Greenhouse farming is very popular in Khoronk village. The program "The land is not waiting" visited the people of Khoronk.

Autumn-sow in Yeghipatrush village

This time our creative group is in the Aparan region, in Yeghipatrush village. Mher Parvanyan from Yeghipatrush accompanies and teaches us in the autumn planting activities.

The master of drip irrigation

Agriculturalist Albert Petrosyan uses 10 times less water to irrigate 20 hectares of land using the drip method than in the case of traditional watering.  Instead of being watered in 3-4 days, the area is watered in 3-4 hours. Albert Petrosyan shares his skills and knowledge with us.

Akunk Village

"We are waiting for the grape harvest, we have no shortage of water, the variety of fruits is connected with that.”  The program "Land does not wait" visited the village of Akunk.

Dvin Village

This time the program "Land does not wait" was hosted in the Dvin village, participated in the peach harvest with farmer Gegham, found out how to have an abundant harvest, how to water the pear-peach trees. Then listened to the advice of another farmer, Arthur, how to protect tomatoes from moths threatening.

Hovtashat Village

How to cultivate okra properly, how to harvest it, when to water it to get a rich harvest?
In Hovtashat village, in the watermelon field, there is also a harvest. And when is a watermelon considered ripe, when and how to harvest it?  Landlords give advice.

Village Sipanik

Sipanik agriculturist Artak has established a model greenhouse of 1000 square meters.  He wants to spread his version of the greenhouse economy in the village.

Village Chobankyara

Farmer Abraham imported 20 varieties of tomatoes, cabbage and cucumbers from abroad.  "We have to go to the international market to import seeds and get new species thanks to our sun, water and soil," says Abraham, a farmer in Chobankyara village.