Shoghakat Choir of Nor Nork Armenian Church Youth Center

The members of Shoghakat Choir now perform in professional stage, cooperate with Vahan Artsruni, E. Zorikyan and other famous singers. And most importantly, they live like members of one big and heart-felt family. 

Life is a Fairy-Tale

“When I remember my childhood, I remember the play of light, my mother’s face… Many of those who wake up and see morning light, they don’t realize what a happiness that is.” 
Hakob lost his eyesight at ten. Today he is 33 years old. He went through hardships, especially psychological one. He met priests who could change his attitude to life. Presently Hakob lives with full life – he rides a bicycle, trains horses, plays table tennis. He works in the House of the Union of the Blind as a teacher of computer courses. His wife Henrietta and daughter Arpi are next to him. “Look dad, touch my dress, see what a nice dress I have: this is how Arpi learned to communicate with me, and I have learned to communicate with the world.” 


Mushroom Ashot

The hero of this TV program is Ashot from Zar. His compatriots call him Mushroom Ashot since he earns his living by collecting and selling mushroom.
His wife, Paro, bakes bread in tonir. Ashot is listing all the issues of the village. He waits for his children to return one day from foreign countries to live in their father’s house.