New strategy of education and science. part 166

New strategy of education and science. part 166
Physicist, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Kamo Atayan, Hovhannes Yeranyan discussed the objectives of the activity of the new department created within the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, the significance and importance of publicizing science.

The revival of Artsakh's original song club

Artsakh original song club was founded by Julietta Arustamyan with her guitar class students in Shushi. They went through several wars together, after being deported to Armenia they are trying to get tools again, to create, to dream of returning to Artsakh. The club now operates in the territory of "Open Platform", the musicians are also supported by composer Areg Nazaryan.

New strategy of education and science. part 165

Armenia's presence on the scientific map of the world is beginning to change
Hovhannes Yeranyan discussed the problems of science development in Armenia with Naira Hovakimyan, professor of the University of Illinois, director of the "AVIATE" center.

New strategy of education and science. part 164

The accelerator designed by Artem Alikhanyan was a unique phenomenon in the world 
Hovhannes Yeranyan discussed with the director of the National Laboratory named after Artem Alikhanyan Gevorg Karyan the prospects of scientific generation change and development of science at the Institute of Physics.

Nikoghayos Adonts

Nikoghayos Adonts, having taught at Gevorgyan Seminary for several years, left an indelible mark on the methods and content of teaching history. Having to live most of his life away from his homeland, the renowned historian never stopped working for Armenia and the Armenian people. Among Adontsi's works, significant studies concerning the Armenian Church and the Armenian religion occupy a large place.

There is no complex content, there is a complex delivery method

Hovhannes Yeranyan discussed the educational programs implemented in Matenadaran throughout the year and the content of the "Summer School" educational program with Jemma Papoyan and Mary Ghazaryan, the coordinators of Matenadaran's educational programs and exhibitions.

Avetis Aharonyan

Avetis Aharonyan, a student of the Gevorgyan Seminary, tried to combine literary and creative work with political activity throughout his life. He was the Speaker of the Parliament of the First Republic of Armenia and the head of the Armenian delegation in the international negotiations, which were crucial for the Armenian people. After the sovietization of Armenia, he had to leave his homeland. Aharonyan combined public activity with literary work until his death.

"Uru" band's new songs will soon flood the Internet

"Uru" band songs will soon be available on all social platforms. The band was formed under the leadership of the famous rock musician Arik Grigoryan in the workshops of Tumo. In the last year, the group performs with an expanded composition and expanded repertoire. Eight different personalities united around one idea create in Armenian and write music based on the works of Armenian poets.

Lusine Zakaryan

She was the first who not only performed spiritual songs, medieval verses, hymns, but also performed them on international stages. She was the soloist of the cathedral choir for more than 30 years. The film presents the merits of Lusine Zakaryan and the five-year activity of the house museum named after her.

New strategy of education and science. Part 162

Hovhannes Yeranyan discussed with Davit Poghosyan, the director of the History Museum of Armenia, "Bagratunyac, the space-famous capital" opened in the museum: Ani in 13-14 centuries" exhibition and the significance of the international conference that followed it.

"Mkhitar Sebasatsi" educational complex held an educational liturgical open class

Every Friday of the academic year, in the Holy Trinity Church of Yerevan, the students of kindergartens, middle, high schools and colleges of the educational complex participate in religious services and liturgies with the teaching choirs. Prayers and hymns are taught in the educational complex in different professional groups and during classes.

New strategy of education and science. part 161

When financing science, the executive does not attach importance to Armenia's problems 
According to this year's budget, the money allocated to applied research and experimental development is 9 times less than the money allocated to fundamental research. According to Tigran Shahverdyan, a member of the "Gituzh" initiative and co-founder of the "Robomart" company, this is an unprecedented phenomenon in the world. He considers that solving our problems should be a priority.  Hovhannes Yeranyan discussed with Tigran Shahverdyan in the "Pavilion" the poor state of science funding, the underperformance of budgeted expenditures and the lack of a general concept of science development.