New strategy of education and science. Part 153

Education should be approached with the logic of a builder
We should treat education not with the logic of a soldier, but with the logic of a builder, that each of us has a stone in our hands and we should put that stone in the construction of our state. Everything should start from the first grade and when the child graduates and acquires a profession, his knowledge should contribute to the development of the country. Hovhannes Yeranyan discussed education issues with Marianna Harutyunyan, vice-rector of the Armenian State Pedagogical University.

New strategy of education and science. part 152

The Government did not accept any of the NAS proposals
The government does not take into account any of the dozens of proposals of scientific institutes, departments and the presidency of the National Academy of Sciences regarding the new system of certification of scientists. Discussions have an imitative nature. They are just to announce that there have been discussions. A draft is sent, a large-scale discussion is held, and the government does not take anything into account.
Hovhannes Yeranyan discussed the problematic points of the new system of certification of scientists in the "Pavilion" with Artur Ishkhanyan, Academician-Secretary of the National Academy of Sciences.

Shushiki band

"Shushiki" band publicizes Komitas' music
The girls of "Shushiki" band met in the Holy Catholic Church of Jrvezh. They perform Armenian folk music, implement various educational programs in regions, popularize Komitas music. The band has been participating in the international festival for two years now. Recently, music programs are often implemented in the Tavush region.

"Masunk" traditional song-dance ensemble

"Masunk" traditional song and dance ensemble named after Rudik Haroyan popularizes not only the national song and dance, but also the rituals, games and holidays of different provinces and regions. The members of the ensemble are people with different professions, who gather in the evening after their main work, sing and dance.

New strategy of education and science. Part 151

Yerevan should not be empty of students
YSU lecturer, teacher of "Aregnazan" educational complex Ara Atayan considers that "Academic City" is not about saving or improving the education of Armenia, but about redistributing ownership of good property in the center of the city. According to him, in just one or two years it will be clear which families of today's elite belong to the university buildings.
Hovhannes Yeranyan discussed with Ara Atayan the problem of building the "Academic City" and removing the universities from the capital.


If the so-called enclaves are handed over, the village of Barekamavan will be in a desperate situation. At this moment, the enemy is on three sides of the village. The front with a length of about 18 km is directly related to the Azerbaijani positions, which are located at a distance of 7 to 800 meters from the village. Most of Barekamavan's arable land is now under enemy control.

The Armenian Apostolic Church celebrated Palm Sunday, the triumphal entry of Christ into Jerusalem

The Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzn, the feast began with an Andastan ceremony. The clergy prayed for a peaceful and fruitful year. The Catholicos of All Armenians blessed the 4 sides of the world, asking for peace and fertility. This was followed by the blessing of the willow branches. Branches symbolizing new life are taken home and kept until the next Palm Sunday.

New strategy of education and science. Part 150

The human brain cannot remember all episodes of life, but a touch or a smell can recall all the details of a specific event. Hasmik Daniel, a neurolinguist, claims that it is possible to come to terms with bad memories with the help of NLP, and to get energy from good memories to move forward. In the "Pavilion" Hovhannes Yeranyan discussed with the neurolinguist Hasmik Daniel how to increase the quality of education under the influence of the National Military Academy and how to overcome the post-war stress.

"Vostan Hayots"

"Vostan Hayots", a pioneer of the national movement of the 1980s, is one of the longest-lasting rock groups in Armenian reality. "It was only one step from the stage to the battlefield," admits Areg Nazaryan, the founder of the group. Remembering their concerts, he remembers how after the concert in Stepanakert, it was impossible to bring back the musical instruments and equipment. In the rehearsal room, the members of the rock band "Vostan Hayots" also talk about their future plans.


More than 900 hectares of orchards are under enemy control
Berkaber community
Berkaber was one of the hot spots of the war in the early 1990s. Almost all the buildings of the village were damaged by shelling. Around 900 ha of orchards of the villagers are currently under the control of the enemy.

Artsakh ayaner ensemble

In 2017, the Artsakh ayaner ensemble formed in Stepanakert brought to life on stage the image of the great mother of the great age, who sings songs in the Artsakh dialect, blesses and speaks in parables. After being forcibly displaced from Artsakh, the ensemble works with greater zeal.

"Khazer" Choir

This year, the "Khazer" choir is preparing to make the transition from volunteer to professional. For that, the members of the group are negotiating with the producers, trying to find money. The choir was formed in 2013. Performs national classical music based on Komitas school.