The Vivid Word of God

How does God speak to us, are we even listening? Reverend Fr. Ruben Zargaryan speaks on this. 

Where are your treasures?

"Where your treasures are, there your hearts will be," says Jesus. What is the treasure, how do we keep it? Reverend Fr. Ruben Zargaryan speaks on this. 

May you be as Simeon

What does the phrase "May you be as Simeon" mean? Deacon Davit Gishyan speaks on this. 

Achkd luys lini- A congratulatory formula for a happy occasion

What does "Achkd Luys Lini" phrase mean? Deacon  Davit Gishayan speaks on this. 

Share bread

What does the phrase share bread mean? Deacon Davit Gishyan comments on this. 

Vanity of Vanity

What does the phrase "Vanity of vanity" mean?  Deacon Davit Gishyan comments.

To Wash Hands (To refuse, not to be a part of something, not to interfere)

What does the phrase "Wash your hands" mean?  Deacon Davit Gishyan comments.

An unheeded appeal and speech

What does the phrase "An unheeded appeal and speech" mean? Deacon Davit Gishyan comments.

Prayer and Fight

"The border of the brave is their weapon." The message received from Khorenatsi is interpreted by Reverend Fr. Archimandrite Ruben Zargaryan.

God's "Indifference"

In the gospel episode of the calming of the storm, why were the disciples surprised that Christ was asleep? Are we like those disciples today? Reverend Father Ruben Zargaryan speaks on this. 

Law is the Soul of the State

Why are life and other rights derived from it threatened in our country? How to restore basic human rights by following the Ten Commandments? Reverend Fr. Ruben Zargaryan speaks on this. 

Rest as an occasion for thanksgiving

How can we make the fulfillment of our efforts and work an occasion for praise and thanksgiving? Reverend Fr. Ruben Zargaryan speaks on this.