Are you following me? Don't look back!"

We have human relationships that become an obstacle for our spiritual life. Following Christ does not guarantee the solution of everyday problems. Death, mourning, calamities should not stop us from following the Lord. What are the conditions for following Christ, what does self-denial and taking up the cross mean? Archimandrite Ruben Zargaryan speaks on this. 

Illness and loneliness

From birth to death, illness is characteristic of a person, and this should not be explained by sins or the tendency to approach God. Jesus healed because he wanted to see people healthy, complete and happy. It is love that brings a person closer to God, not illness. It is love that saves a person. Neither prayer nor going to the door of saints is a guarantee of healing. God is not a pain reliever. If God was a pain reliever, he would relieve the suffering of his son. Why do you think Jesus suffered?

Who will inherit the earth?

Respecting the motherland, the native land, means respecting the past life, it means respecting the present life, because that heritage is under our responsibility and care today. It also means respecting the life of the future, what we will leave behind. Is it only us, is it our generation, what will we give to the new generation? What does meekness have to do with the country's heritage? Archimandriye Ruben Zargarian speaks on this. 

Voice of An unheeded call

The truth is bitter. Not every ear is capable of carrying the truth. Why did the prophets speak the truth even at the cost of their lives? The reason was that the prophets were not concerned about their own well-being or personal interest, but they were concerned about the country, society and the future of man. Today, is the prophetic voice heard and from which pulpit? Archimandrite Ruben Zargarian speaks on this. 

Abomination, the highest punishment of the church

The sanction of the church is the highest point of abomination. Jesus himself transferred that authority to his apostles. All those who encroach on the doctrine of the church are subjected to excommunication and banishment as the ultimate sanction. It implies cutting off, putting out of the life of the church, which can be expressed in pain, tragedies, untimely death for a person, if there is no conversion. Archimandrite Ruben Zargaryan speaks on this. 

Lies and the father of lies

Jesus Christ characterizes evil as a liar and the father of lies, whose purpose is murder, taking the soul. The whole system of sin is based on a lie: sin is the ontological lie from which all domestic errors and sins are born. How does evil represent God, why does it always work unnoticed? Reverend Fr. Ruben Zargaryan speaks on this. 

Unjust wealth - what to do?

Christ offered himself as a sacrifice, gave his life for the preparation of our eternal dwelling places, and urged us to work by our own sweat. He ordered to make a sacrifice from the funds that are formed as a result of fair work, but if they are unfair funds, they should be used for the needy or common good.
"Make friends out of unrighteous mammon." To whom was this word of Christ addressed, what parallels does it have with our life today? Rev. Fr. Ruben Zargarian speaks on this. 

Praised and glorified saint

Nowhere in the Gospels is Mary Magdalene mentioned as a harlot. The first mention of her is found in the Gospel of Luke, where she is presented as the first person among the women following Jesus. All the Evangelists refer to Magdalene. What do the Evangelists tell us about Mary Magdalene and why is she characterized as a woman of modesty?
Reverend Fr. Ruben Zargaryan speaks on this. 

The Resurrection of Christ, our testimony

The Resurrection of Christ is a historical event
"The Lord has risen and appeared to Peter." This is the first confession of the newly born church. There are 3 interrelated components here: the first one is the confession that Jesus is God, the second one is that Jesus is Risen, which is the commemoration of a historical event, and the third one is that he appeared to Peter. He is the witness of this event and the guarantor of the truth of that event.
What is the Christian's commitment to the reality of the Resurrection? Reverend Fr. Ruben Zargaryan speaks on this. 

The victory of life

Easter of Christ symbolizes the victory of life over death. Celebrating Easter means giving meaning to life. And this is possible by moving from sin to a righteous life, from falsehood to a true life, from hatred to a life of love. To celebrate means to make a transition from our fears to boldness, because to celebrate Easter and remain in fear means to distort the mystery of the holiday. Reverend Fr. Ruben Zargaryan speaks on this.

Hosanna or crown of thorns?

When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the crowd greeted him with recognition, and a few days later sent him to Golgotha ​​with denial. This psychology has not changed in mankind over the centuries. Osanna means help, save us. Why did the crowd shouting Ovsanna during Christ's triumphal entry deny and leave him at Golgotha?
Reverend Fr. Ruben Zargaryan speaks on this. 

The lazy and the prayer

One of the deadly sins of the church is laziness, which has a lot to do with the sin of pride. On the other hand, when you have received a gift - life, abilities, but you do not make life good, but with a self-centered impulse, you waste those abilities in enjoyment.
What good can a Christian create as a result of work, what parallels are there between work and sacrifice? Reverend Fr. Ruben Zargaryan speaks on this.