Edgar Baghdasaryan, "Yasha and Leonid Brezhnev"

Anahit Margaryan talked with director, screenwriter Edgar Baghdasaryan about documentary and feature films, problems of the film industry and other topics.

"Paros" for the Artsakh people

On November 5, a concert dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the "Paros" chamber choir was held at the Al. Spendiaryan Opera and Ballet Theater in support of our compatriots with disabilities forcibly displaced from Artsakh. Raffi Mikayelyan, artistic director of the choir, conductor of the opera and ballet theater, told about the activities of "Paros" at the "Artfocus" pavillion. The program was hosted by Anahit Margaryan.
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The powerful sanctities of the Armenian Church and the Blessing of the Holy Muron

Muron is blessed with three important sanctuaries of the Armenian Church: the relic of Christ's cross, Holy Lance of Geghard and the Holy Right of Patriarch Gregory the Illuminator. Thousands of pilgrims come to Holy Etchmiadzin on the days of Blessing of the Holy Muron. They come not only to participate in the sacred ceremony, but also to communicate with these exceptional sanctities, they are brought out together only on the day of the blessing of the dead.

Composer, pianist and conductor Konstantin Petrosyan is in "Artfocus"

Composer, pianist, conductor Konstantin Petrosyan, author of music written for high-quality choral, symphonic, chamber, instrumental and vocal works, film music and theater performances, is the guest of "Artfocus". Anahit Margaryan moderated the conversation.
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Ballet master Lilit Hakobyan was invited to Yerevan

Lilit Hakobyan, the leading soloist of the Hanover State Opera and Ballet Theater, was invited to Yerevan to participate in the third SUMMEET international contemporary dance festival held in Armenia on August 20-27. Which countries are the pioneers of modern ballet today? Why are Armenian dancers in demand in leading theaters abroad, and only the unique ones succeed? Lilit Hakobyan is at the "Artfocus" pavillion. Anahit Margaryan moderated the conversation.

Visual formulas of Narek Avetisyan and Ashot Ashot

The exhibition "Ether" by Narek Avetisyan and Ashot Ashot was opened in the exhibition hall of the Union of Artists. Are media art, abstraction in demand by the Armenian buyer, is there a need for a revolution in the field of Armenian visual art today, are the works of modern Armenian painters interested in museums and galleries? Painters Narek Avetisyan and Ashot Ashot were hosted at "Artfocus". The program was hosted by Anahit Margaryan.
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"Bridge over Araks" Armenian-Iranian exhibition

The "Bridge over Araks" exhibition was opened at the Henrik Igityan National Center of Aesthetics in Yerevan. The works of lecturers and students of Tabriz University of Islamic Arts and Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts, as well as independent artists, were presented. We discussed issues related to Armenian-Iranian cultural ties and the exhibition "Bridge on Araks" with Meri Patvakanyan, coordinator of the exhibition, head of external relations of the State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia at "Artfocus".
The program was hosted by Anahit Margaryan.
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Director Harutyun Khachatryan is "Artfocus"

Director Harutyun Khachatryan, the president of the Union of Filmmakers, spoke in "Artfocus" about the changes that took place in the Union of Filmmakers, the problems hindering the awakening of the House of Cinema, his latest film and other issues related to cinema and life. The program was hosted by Anahit Margaryan.
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Modern composers: Zhirayr Shahrimanyan

What problems concern modern composers? Composer Jirayr Shahrimanyan, laureate of international competitions, was hosted at "Artfocus". Anahit Margaryan conducts the conversation.

Michael and Lusine Voskanyan in "Artfocus"

Tar player, founder of the MVF band Michael Voskanyan and the band's artistic director Lusine Voskanyan talk about the new CD "Night Science", Michael Voskanyan's course organized for the children of Lori at the "COAF" smart center, and the MVF band's American tour- the band performed at the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage. Anahit Margaryan conducts the conversation.
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Teaching Art in school- Ara Atayan

Ara Atayan, a pedagogue and art critic is hosted at "Artfocus".
What is the model and logic of art education in the Armenian public school? Why should art be given special attention in public schools? What needs to be changed in the delivery of arts education in school programs? Should modern art be taught in schools? Ara Atayan, the author of many studies related to the development of the education sector, pedagogue, art critic, spoke about these and a number of other issues in "Artfocus". The program is hosted by Anahit Margaryan.
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Otto Dix's "War" in Yerevan

From May 3, the famous German painter and engraver Otto Dix's "Condemning engraving- 1920-1924" a large-scale exhibition was presented in the museum of the National Center of Aesthetics. Sona Harutyunyan, the founder of the "Dialogue of Cultures" organization, and Sona Hovhannisyan, the art critic and curator of the exhibition, talked about the Yerevan exhibition of Otto Dix's etchings in "Artfocus". The program was hosted by Anahit Margaryan.
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