The Sun

The stars are actually far bigger, but when looking from the Earth they are like some tiny shiny dots. That is because they are so-soooo very far away! The closest star is at 150 milion kilometers distance. And to know what star this is you should ask Pistachio.



When the waste is moved from our garbage cans and street garbage cans and piled up in the landfills, its starts emitting hazardous gases, which come from those landfills and enter our houses and streets thus posing a threat to our health. So this means that there is no escape from the waste? It turns out there is – the hazardous waste needs to be made into something useful. This is what Pistachio tells us this time.



It keeps both warm and cool. It is both soft and exquisite and durable. It is very light-weight and pleasant. It is also ecologically clean. They make anything from it, you name it – wool coat, wool socks, mattresses, blankets, just anything… Recently all Pistachio does is talking about the usefulness of the wool. Here, please listen, he tells about it again.



Usually days are either sunny or cloudy, and the Sun and the rain rarely meet each other. That is why we very seldom see one of the most beautiful miracle of Nature – the rainbow. Do you know that Pistachio has got its own rainbow? You can have one too! Do you know what is needed for that? A shower. Oh, you have one! Then listen to Pistachio! He will tell you how that seven-color arch appears in the sky and will teach you create your own little rainbow.



You don’t have to rack your brains to learn traffic rules. Pistachio broke his leg before learning those rules and he can’t wait to tell you how important the traffic rules are. Without these rules there can’t be any safe traffic. And as for the dangers of traffic….. these are so very dangerous!


Royal Penguins

Pistachio went to Antarctica for research, and if only you knew what was he telling about the royal penguins living there! Would it ever occur to anyone that male penguin of royal family would present a stone to his beloved female penguin on the occasion of marriage? And this is by far not the only astonishing thing that the leader of expedition Pistachio was telling.

Protection of Environment

-Listen, I, the Pistachio, used to collect my garden waste and throw into the village lake. The Lake got angry and made my garden messy. From that day on, I understood one ver important thing – the air is connected to the water, the water is connected to me, I am connected to you, you are connected to the rain and the rain is connected to… Now you are going to say that Pistachio is talking nonsense. Nothing is without sense on the Planet Earth. Whoever doesn’t believe, let him take a look and after that he’ll believe more than anyone else.


It lives in water. Breathes like humans, talks … in its way. Its nose is placed on its back. You will never know its mood because it always smiles. Smarter than monkey, more loyal than dogs …. Ok, ok, we won’t say anything else. Pistachio wants to tell itself who the described one is.


We all live on the Planet Earth. But the Planet Earth has its own life too. And so many things are happening in life! For example, there are earthquakes happening in various parts of the Earth. Is it possible to do so as no earthquakes ever happen? No, it’s not. Is it possible to protect ourselves against the earthquake? Yes, it is, and best of all Pistachio can tell about it!