Media and Children. Part 1

Lusine Grigoryan, an expert of the "Media Initiatives Center", talks about the importance of media literacy for children.



War and Children. Part 1

What happens in the world of children during the war when the security of the country, home, the distant and close relatives is disrupted?  How to communicate with children, how to talk about war or should we talk? Advices by the specialist.




War and Children. Part 2

How to communicate with children evacuated from areas of military operations. Advice from a specialist



War and Childen. Part 3

Psychologist Anush Aleksanyan talks about the possible behavior and mental state of the children who lost relatives during the war and the necessary work with those children by the adults.



War and Children. Part 4

Psychologist Anush Aleksanyan gives advice on the nuances of talking about war with children.



War and Children: part 5

Psychologist Irina Khanamiryan gives advice on the nuances of talking to children about war.



War and Children part 6

Psychologist Irina Khanamiryan gives advice on the nuances of talking to children about war.



War and Children. Part 8

Psychologist Anush Aleksanyan talks on the psychological peculiarities of adolescents in the post-war period.

War and Children. Part 7

2021, New Year and children: Psychologist Anush Aleksanyan talks about the peculiarities regading the first post-war New Year.



Story of Zaccheus

Girl – See, Jesus says: Zaccheus, quick, get down, I must spend the night at your house. 
Boy – But there are so many other good and honest people around, why does Jesus go just to his house? It’s not fair!
Girl – Yes, even people don’t quite approve it. But don’t rush, let’s see what will happen next.



Nork Youth Center Percussion Instruments Class

One, two, three, four… dhol, drums, cymbals, tombak (zarb). If you learn by counting, then you’re sure to learn playing all percussion instruments in a very short time. It’s just there are numerous options of counting to four, then you have to come to the class on time, do physical exercises, listen to your friends and masters very closely, and, oh, yes, in the beginning you might get bruises in your palms and your ears might ache because of unusual noise. That’s it, no other problems. As for the advantages and pleasure, you can’t even list them. You should see and listen to it! 


Nork Youth Center Batique Class

Color to color, one brush stroke to another, and the images get their formation on the paper oh, so beautifully! But the most interesting and exciting moment comes afterwards, when the image is transferred on to the most delicate fabric of the world – the silk. The colors take more vivid shades and become even softer, and the image itself becomes subtler and translucent. However, Varsenik, Arpine, Astghik, little Zhanna and others tell that they attend Batique classes for other reasons too. They are telling it, let’s listen.