Dn. Grigor Tadevosyan

Grigor played the duduk from an early age, but began to take music seriously when he studied spiritual music. The Deacon says that the experience of playing hymns with the duduk opened new doors for him. Playing with friends has become part of the seminary routine.

Vahe Torosyan. The coronation of Levon II and inter-church relations in Cilician Armenia

Vahe Torosyan, candidate of historical sciences at the Gevorgyan Seminary, presents the important political and historical issues preceding the reign of the Armenian King Levon II, which were resolved thanks to the joint action of secular and spiritual leaders of the time.

Strawberry harvest

Strawberries are being harvested in the village of Ara. The program "The land does not wait" is in the village of Ara to find out the secrets of planting and caring for strawberry seedlings, how to properly fertilize the soil, how often to water, how to fight diseases and how to prepare for winter.

Kamo Vardanyan- The socio-psychological issue of the family

Professor Kamo Vardanyan, doctor of psychological sciences at the Gevorgyan Seminary, presents the definition of the concept of family, the socio-psychological problems of the family.

Harvesting in the village of Dvin

Cherries and mulberries are harvested in Dvin. What are the characteristics of these types of trees, what are the secrets of their cultivation, fertilizing, daily care and abundant harvest?

Rev. Fr. Ghevond Mayilyan. The relationship between man and God according to the Jehovah's Witnesses sect

At the Gevorgyan Seminary, Rev. Fr. Ghevond Mayilyan presents the ideas of the Jehovah's Witnesses sect about the human-God relationship and eternal life.

Pargev Barseghyan-Worldview characteristics of Christianity and Islam

Pargev Barseghyan, a candidate of philosophical sciences at the Gevorgyan Theological Seminary, presents the features of the worldview of the world's two greatest religions, Christianity and Islam.

Vachagan Grigoryan-Levon Shant and "The Old Gods"

Vachagan Grigoryan, Doctor of Philology at the Gevorgyan Theological Seminary, presents Levon Shant's dramaturgy and the author's masterpiece, "Old Gods".

There are fruit trees prune in the village of Arai

Pruning of fruit trees has its own characteristics depending on the climatic conditions. How to cultivate and fertilize the soil after pruning trees. Our film crew is in the village of Arai.

The 2023 Pan-Armenian pilgrimage -"Holy Etchmiadzin-the birthplace of our faith"

The annual pilgrimage of the World Youth Union of the Armenian Church (ACYOWorld), under the high direction and blessing of the Catholicos of All Armenians, took place this year from July 5 to 10. The Pan-Armenian pilgrimage was entitled "Holy Etchmiadzin-the birthplace of our faith".

The meeting of the participants of the Pan-Armenian pilgrimage with the Armenian Patriarch

On the 2nd day of the pilgrimage, the young people of the World Youth Union of the Armenian Church visited the Mother See and met with the Patriarch of All Armenians.

In the nursery of Arai village

In the village of Arai, it is the period of planting currants, raspberries and strawberries. How to plant, prune, water and care for berries for a healthy harvest. Watch "the land doesn't wait".