Gevorgyan Theological Seminary has started the entrance exams

Applicants take an exam in the subjects of Armenian language, Armenian literature, history of the Armenian people. The first is the examination of the Armenian language. At the final phase of the exams, the members of the seminary inspection conduct an interview with the applicants. They check applicants' knowledge of the Bible, the history of the Armenian Church, and foreign languages. During the interview, the applicant's communication skills are also revealed.

Fr. Voskan Voskanyan

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How to overcome the fear of war? 
Are there clear rules on how to paint Christ and the Virgin Mary? Who or how was it decided what the saints should look like? 
Why is the Gospel of John always read at the end of the liturgy? 
How do we align our will with the Lord's will? 
Can a clergyman visit other places in his official dress?

On the feast of St. Gayane and her Companions, the saint's relic was brought out, the Republican prayer was offered

At the conclusion of the liturgy, on the occasion of the Republic Day, under the patronage of Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin, a ceremony of the Republic Prayer was held in the Saint Gayane Monastery.

The Armenian Patriarch visited the Sardarapat memorial, overcoming the police barriers

On May 28, on the occasion of the feast of St. Gayane and her Companions holiday, following the liturgy and the Republican prayer, the Catholicos of All Armenians, accompanied by the spiritual class, visited the Sardarapat memorial complex. 
The Armenian patriarch and the spiritual class encountered a ban on entering the territory of the memorial complex, then, overcoming the barrier of police forces several times, they laid flowers in front of the memorial. 
The Armenian Patriarch raised a prayer to God in front of the memorial for the repose of the souls of the brave Armenians who were martyred in the May heroic battles.

Davit (Abovyan city)

For Davit, a 9-year-old scribe of St. Hovhannes Church in Abovyan, the ride is still a bit big and uncomfortable, but he attends church with pleasure and anticipation. Every Sunday, he puts on the shirt and waits until he is on the Altar. In the evening, before going to sleep, he prays the prayers he invented in his mind, then the Lord's Prayer and falls asleep. Along with the lessons, he reads the Bible, he was particularly impressed by the episode of David.

Hakob (Artashat)

Hakob's Sunday begins in St. Hovhannes the Evangelist Church in Artashat. He wears a shirt and attends the liturgy. He lovingly takes care of the garden and waters the trees with his church friends.

"Degh" alternative rock band

"Degh" alternative rock band will perform new works
The alternative rock group "Degh" is preparing to release an album of its famous and popular works. The group is currently working on new compositions as well. In 2010, the "Degh" alternative rock band, formed by Robert Khudaverdyan, Ashot Danielyan and Hakob Torgomyan, left the scene after several years of active activity. Two years ago, the group returned with a different composition and continues to create.

Sevak Shahbazyan

Trials and experiences of a military doctor
The chief surgeon of Yerevan, Sevak Shahbazyan, remembers the path of the military doctor with great enthusiasm and excitement. According to the doctor, every Armenian should be next to the army and soldiers. No reward can compare to the thanks of the mother of the surviving soldier. What trials did Sevak Shahbazyan overcome and what feelings did he have?

Artur (Ararat)

Arthur looks forward to Sunday all week so he can go to the Church of the Holy Saviour in Ararat, put on a shirt and participate in the service. His daily life is full: he attends journalism, theater and pottery groups. He dreams of becoming an actor. He is convinced that whatever profession he chooses, he will always attend church.


Rev. Fr. Vachagan Gyurjian

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Why is the order of confession not performed at the end of the liturgy?
Who is "Haismavurk" intended for?
What does the period of hinans mean?
What is the Judas tree?
Why is wine used during the consecration of churches?
Why can't an unmarried woman be a godmother?


Before the 44-day war, the enemy was more than 100 kilometers away from the village of Chakaten, now it is a few meters away from the houses of the village. The village and the road leading to the village are completely observed by the enemy. According to the villagers, the enemy has taken about half of the pastures.


Shikahogh village of Syunik region, which was not on the border before the 44-day war, now has a 30 km border with Azerbaijan. After the last attack of Azerbaijanis, occupation of positions and territories, it became impossible to work in the fields. The arable lands in the administrative area of ​​the village were targeted by Azerbaijan. There is no distance and neutral zone.
Facing all challenges in Shikahogh, which is targeted by the enemy, the Armenian peasant lives, builds and creates without complaint.