In the early morning, Sunrise service was performed

The Brotherhood of the Mother See led the Patriarch of All Armenians and His Eminence Archbishop Sahak Mashalyan, the Armenian Patriarch of Constantinople to the St. Vardan and St. John the Baptist Chapel-baptistery where the Sunrise service was performed. This service is performed during Great Lent and reminds the faithful about the Second Coming of Christ and the resurrection of the Righteous.


The village of Tsapatagh, located on the eastern shore of Lake Sevan, is of strategic importance for Armenia. The village is located directly on the bank of Sevan. It has developed tourist infrastructures: hotels and guesthouses.



After the ethnic cleansing of Artsakh by Azerbaijan, Tegh village of Syunik region became border. A part of the pastures and arable lands of the village came under the control of the enemy. The Azerbaijani positions appeared directly on the hills next to the village, the inhabitants were directly in their target.

Holy Mother of God Church in Yeghipatrush

Built in the 13th century by the order of Vache Vachutyan, the Church of the Holy Mother of God has kept awake not only the spiritual life of Yeghipatrush, but also the surrounding villages. Locals say that the church bell rang so powerfully that it was heard several villages away. Locals tell about the church of the village, the unique khachkars painted in scarlet.


The ancient khachkars, churches and ancient sites found in this village on the shore of Lake Sevan testify to the historical and important importance of the region. Next to the village is the "Port Ayas" resort, where the Cilicia ship is docked.

The Ghevondians, the devotees

The recipients of the "Ghevond Elder" medal of honor "During the war, it makes no difference whether you are a soldier or a clergyman"

During the 44-day war, the soldiers and clergy were not only with prayers, but also physically by the side of the soldiers. They encouraged and raised the fighting spirit of the soldiers. They are the worthy followers and warriors of Elder Ghevond. Clergymen who were awarded the "Ghevond Elder" high order of honor tell about their journey and comrades in arms.

11 deacons of the Mother See were ordained priests with the blessing of the Catholicos of All Armenians

They studied at the Gevorgyan Theological Seminary, then served until the determination to choose the spiritual path became stronger. Five out of 11 chose the path of celibate priesthood. After ordination, six deacons will serve as a married priest in the church. The newly ordained priests will spend a forty-day period of preparation and prayer in Holy Etchmiatsin, following which they will be called to serve in various structures and dioceses of the Armenian Church.

Displacement stories

Stories of forcibly displaced people from different settlements of Artsakh

More than 300 people forcibly displaced from Artsakh now live in Ranchpar village of Ararat region. Their rented apartments are in a poor condition: they have no kitchen, bathroom, beds and household appliances. Usually several people sleep in one room. Most of the forcibly displaced Artsakh residents do not have jobs.

Rev. Fr. Hovsep Sargsyan

Why isn't the "Tukh Manook" gospel brought out to worship believers? Why are halos used in icons? What options are there outside the church to break the fast? Is it possible to fast, but not participate in church ceremonies and liturgies during that entire time? Are there examples of fasting in the Scripture? The questions of viewers and users were answered by Rev. Fr. Hovsep Sargsyan. Keep posting your questions on the Q&A Facebook page.


Rafik from Mrgavan dreams of entering the Gevergyan Seminary and becoming a clergyman. He has been attending St. Hovhannes church for already three years, wears a t-shirt, goes up to the altar, participates in liturgies. With Father Michael, they perform daily services, house blessings, and baptism rites.


Armina attends St. Hovhannes church in Arinj every Sunday with her parents. Participates in services, sings in the choir. During the 44-day war, they spent almost every day in the church. She learned to sing hymns, read psalms in the church and made new friends. Her daily life is full and interesting.


Raphael decided to become a priest. He wears a shirt with his friends in the St. Thaddeus church in Masis, goes up to the altar, participates in liturgies. Sundays are especially interesting. They clean the church with friends, sing hymns, later play outside the church.