Sunday of Steward- Fourth Sunday of Great Lent

The parable of the day was conveyed by Rev. Fr. Archimandrite Ruben Zargaryan in the St. Gayane Monastery. In his sermon, Fr. Ruben reminded the faihtful that we also are God's stewards. 

The re-consecration of the Mother Cathedral, Holy Muron blessing and other ceremonies will begin in September

Between September 30 and October 3, the Holy Etchmiadzin cathedral will be re-consecrated, and the Holy Muron blessing ceremony will be held.  Episcopal ordination will be held on October 8. 

Father Ananias was awarded a doctrinal degree

On the following day of the defense of his scientific thesis on the topic "Order of ordination of monks in the Armenian church", Father Anania received a doctrinal degree in the Saint Mesrop Mashtots Church in Oshakan.

Hayk Jamkochyan after the war

In 2020, Hayk was a conscript soldier. He was four months away from being demobilized when the 44-day Artsakh war began. On October 16, when the order to retreat and attack was given in Hardut, he received a spinal cord injury from a sniper's shot.  Today, the young man moves around in a wheelchair. There is a widespread lack of ramps and other facilities in Nor Hachn, where he lives.  Despite the difficulties, Hayk has plans for the future.

Tigran Mkrtchyan after the war

Tigran Mkrtchyan is 25 years old, a participant in two Artsakh wars. He was injured in 2016 during the April war, he also volunteered in 2020 in the 44 -day war. Due to his health condition, he could not find a job for a long time. He has started to create, soon Tigran's first exhibition-sale will be in the Rehabilitation City of Heroes, the proceeds are going to be invested in new projects, to solve financial problems.

Erik Grigoryan after the 44-day war

I found my tank on the Internet, it was participating in a parade in Baku. I am joking, I tell my friends: I didn't make it to Baku, but my tank did." Erik Grigoryan is from Shushi. On October 24, 2020 he was injured by a cluster bomb explosion in Mataghis. We met Eric in the studio, in "Crown Emotions".

Hayk Nalbandian after the 44-day war

Hayk Nalbandian was wounded on November 8, the last day of the 44-day war. He was a sniper and was wounded by a sniper's bullet. "My life was divided into two parts: before and after the war. After it's more difficult for me, but I have to be stronger and live every day to the fullest," says the 21-year-old young man. We met Hayk in his small workshop.

Seyran Soghoyan after the 44-day war

Seyran had 3 months left of his military service when the 44-day war began. Seyran became the participant of Jabrayil's hottest battles. The last firefight was not without consequences. We met Seyran at his grandfather's house in Martuni. He cut fish and sang with his grandmother. He is sure that one day he will get up from the wheelchair and walk.

Norayr Avagyan after the 44-day war

Norayr Avagyan volunteered and went to the front during the 44-day war. He received a spinal cord injury in the fighting for the defense of Shushi. Now he is in a wheelchair. He dreams of his own house and workshop.

Sirak Gevorgyan after the 44-day war

Sirak Gevorgyan is a participant in the 44-day war.  He had served only one month and eight days in one of the military units of Askeran when the alarm sounded. He underwent 7 operations on tissues and joints of the hand. We met Sirak at the Church of the Holy Mother of God church in Yeghegnadzor, he made the decision to wear a scribe shirt before another operation.

Abraham Hakobyan after the 44-day war

Abraham Hakobyan received a shrapnel wound, his face is completely covered with shrapnel, and another operation is needed to remove them.  "I'm tired of surgeries," says Abraham. After a serious injury, the doctors gave no hope of walking, but thanks to willpower, Abraham not only walks today, but also returned to his job as an assistant cameraman. Although the work is physically demanding and difficult for the injured leg, Abraham does not even think about giving up the job. He also started writing stories. It's a good opportunity to unwind and clear your mind.

A seminar on healing trauma for military personnel and clergy

In Tsakhkadzor, the Spiritual servants of the spiritual leadership of the RA Armed Forces participate in four-day training courses. The program is called "Releasing Trauma". It is not the first time that the Bible Society of Armenia organizes such a course for soldiers. This time, the servants of the Morale and Psychological Department of the Ministry of Defense joined the regiments.