Rafael Mkrtchyan after the 44-day war

Rafael considers October 10, 2020 to be his second birthday, his spinal cord was damaged by a gunshot in Jrakan. Today the young man is in a wheelchair. After the injury, fellow citizens collected money and built an elevator in the apartment building where Rafael lives. He is currently building a guest house for people with disabilities. We spent a day with his family in Dilijan, where Rafael Mkrtchyan was born and lives.

Hovsep Arakelyan after the 44-day war

I was in positions in Mataghis when the war started. In the morning we heard the sound of falling shells, came out of the dugout, saw the flying shells of "Grad" falling on the neighboring positions, we understood that everything is more than real. The enemy's next target was our position. On the first day, we retreated and returned to our positions several times. It was after noon when the shell exploded at my feet." Hovsep Arakelyan lost both legs and wears prostheses. Today, he is engaged in his favorite business, which allows him to provide a stable income and feel self-sufficient. After the war, he received the first category of disability, and after prosthetics, the category was lowered.

Robert Antonyan after the 44-day war

Robert Antonyan received a gunshot wound on the 15th day of the 44-day war, the conscript soldier's frontal nerve was damaged. It was necessary to perform an operation in a short period of time to restore the facial nerve. However, such an operation had never been performed in Armenia, Professor Akira Ishiyama came to Armenia specially from the United States. Although today Robert said goodbye to his football life, he found a job related to the field. The young man is able to perform the simplest actions, which seemed impossible after the injury.

Ashot Tadevosyan after the war

In the days of the 2020 war, on the way to transport wounded soldiers to Stepanakert hospital, one of the doctors noticed how two soldiers were holding hands and took a picture of them. The photo quickly spread on the Internet. One of the wounded soldiers in the photo is Ashot Tadevosyan. He suffered a leg and spine injury from a mine explosion. He was on the brink of death for hours before his comrades in arms brought him to a safe zone. We met Ashot 3 years after the war, in the vocal department of Armavir State Art College.

Pilgrimage Day of St. Gregory the Illuminator church in Byuravan

On the occasion of the anniversary of the Feast of Discovery of Saint Gregory's Relics the relics were brought from Holy Etchmiadzin to Byuravan. The Maysatsotn Diocese celebrated the day of the pilgrimage of Byuravan Church.

Church bells rang in Mrgastan, the cross was placed

In the village of Mrgastan, after decades of silence, the bells of St. Hovhannes Church rang. The consecration ceremony of the cross and bell of the dome of the renovated church was performed by His Grace Bishop Sion Adamyan, Primate of the Armavir Diocese.

Narek Vardanyan after the war

"Ordinary homeland"- this is how Narek Vardanyan, a participant in the 44-day war, titled his book. Began writing during the war, continued after a severe head injury. He was in a coma for a long time, then he wrote during fluctuations in the level of consciousness, memory loss-returns and non-stop headaches. "Ordinary Homeland" is already living a life of its own, and so is Narek. He says that if it were not for the rehabilitation treatment at "Soldier's House", he would not only be able to write, but also to say who he is.

The bas-reliefs of the Holy Cross Church of Arabkir

When entering the Holy Cross Church of Arabkir, the relief of the stone at the entrance immediately attracts attention. An image of Christ distributing a blessing with the inscription "I am the light of the world". The author of the project and sketches is the chief architect of the church, Mr. Artak Ghulyan, the sculptor is Mr. Smbat Mkrtchyan.

The Half-century History of the Circus School

The circus school of Nork's Youth Center has a history of half a century. The anniversary concert was held at the National Academic Theater named after Sundukyan. The biography of the school begins in 1973, when a circus group was created at the initiative of Gevorg Ginosyan in the pioneer palace of Orjonikidze region.

Gevorg Karapetyan after the 44-day war

The 2020 war dealt a double blow to Gevorg Karapetyan. After receiving a serious injury, the young officer also lost his brother Aram, a conscript soldier. "On November 7, he called and said that he was injured in Shushi, on November 8 he had already died, there was no way to provide first aid, Shushi was no longer ours." Gevorg moved with his family from Hadrut and lives in Armenia. Despite the disability and the loss of his younger brother, he tries to live with dignity.


How to teach the topic of genocide in schools

"Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute" Foundation continues the "Teaching the topic of the Armenian Genocide" program launched in 2019. It is intended for public middle and high school students. Within the framework of the project, researchers conduct thematic lectures at the museum-institute, and impart knowledge related to the history of the genocide to schoolchildren.

Order of intercession at the Tsitsernakaberd memorial complex

On April 24, under the chairmanship of the Armenian patriarch, an intercessory ceremony was performed at the memorial complex of the holy martyrs of the Armenian Genocide, near the Eternal Flame. After the ceremony, His Holiness Patriarch conveyed an urge to the people of Artsakh.