Space Museum

The Space Museum of Yerevan was reopened on November 28, 2015, and has been operating at the Garni Space Astronomy Institute since 2001. Who founded this unique museum, what exhibits are there, how do they inspire and amaze today's visitors of the museum?

House-Museum of Lusine Zakaryan

Lusine Zakaryan's house-museum has been operating at 42/3 Yeznik Koghbatsi Street in Yerevan since June 2019. Lusine lived in this very house with her husband Khoren Palyan, for 25 years.

Historical-Archaeological Museum-Reserve “Metsamor”

The Historical-Archaeological Museum “Metsamor” was constructed in 1968. All the exhibits displayed here feature specific cultural layers of diverse eras. They were all without exceptions unearthed in this territory. More than 27 000 artifacts were discovered during the excavations of over half century, yet the name of the settlements is still unknown. 

House-Museum of Perch Proshyan

In May 1948, the house of famous writer Perch Proshyan’s father in Ashtarak city became a museum. Every visitor reveals the writer, translator, photographer Prochyan in its own unique manner. His study room, guest room and many other personal belongings and archival items have been preserved.


House-Museum of Avetik Isahakyan in Gyumri

In October 1975, the House-Museum of Avetik Isahakyan was opened in Gyumri. The study, guest room, the bakery (tonratun) and the celler were restores as they used to be when the Master was still alive.

Museum of Hovhannes Shiraz

Where is the museum of well-known Armenian writer Hovhannes Shiraz, how was it set up, what interesting facts are the exhibits telling about the life and compositions of Shiraz? 


Museum of Mher Mkrtchyan

The Museum of famous actor is rich in personal belongings, pictures, film and theatre clothings he wore, stage accessories and other numerous unique exhibits. They unveil the life and work of the great Master.