Breengy-Share the Road

Simultaneous car (попутная машина) in the 21st century. Marat Hakobjanyan created the "Breengy" startup with his friends in Stepanakert. If you are a driver or a passenger, with the help of the application you can find a travel partner, share travel expenses, make new friends and travel to the desired destination at a convenient day and time.


"Renderforest" is a branding platform that allows users to create high quality animated videos, logos, mockups, graphic visuals and websites. The platform has more than 15 million users.  Renderforest video creation tool is also available as an app on iOS and Android operating systems.


The "ArmBionics"company was founded in 2018 by the students of Yerevan State Medical University.  Today, Diaspora Armenian specialists from different parts of the world have already joined the startup.  "Our main mission is to explore, develop technology, create the latest prostheses for the upper extremities, and provide a comprehensive approach to people with upper limb amputations that includes both physical and psychosocial support," stated the founders.


Podcastle "is a free web platform, with the help of which the user can record and edit podcasts, remote interviews և any kind of audio material.  Podcastle's artificial intelligence tools allow you to convert cloned text to audio and vice versa. In one year, Podcastle received $ 2 million in funding from international investment companies. At the moment the platform has more than 150 thousand users.


The main direction of "Solara" company is the design, installation and maintenance of solar stations. It is one of the most experienced Armenian companies operating in the field of solar energy.

10 Web

The 10 Web platform through artificial intelligence technology allows both professionals and novices to instantly create a WordPress website.

Mimo Bike

Thanks to the "Mimo" application, you can use mimo bicycles parked in different parts of the city and go to work, class, meeting. The GPS system allows you to find the bike near you, fix it, top up your account, scan and travel, and when finished, park in visible public areas. The founders hope that the number of people using mimo bikes will increase, especially those who avoid traffic jams.

Early one

The Early one application manages queue flow through special algorithms. Users of the application can pre-register their visit to banks, medical institutions and many other facilities. Use the service of the institution without waiting in halls and corridors for a long time.

Embry Tech

"Embry Tech" is an Armenian startup that creates smart insoles for shoes. And the Ebry Tech app records body weight changes, analyzes activity and behavior, and helps to lead a healthy lifestyle.



Rockbite Games

The Deeptown and Sandship games of the Rockbite games Armenian company have more than 10 million downloads on Apple and Android systems. The founders claim that the games they create train the mind, require knowledge and flexibility.

"Robin" robots

Robin is the first Armenian robot to travel from Armenia to US children's dental clinics, helping children not to be afraid to see a doctor.



"Arlupa" app, augmented reality

If you see the "Arlupa" logo somewhere, then there is a hidden content there, use the "Arlupa" app to get more content than you can see with the naked eye. The Arlupa Virtual Reality (AR, VR) app is one of the top ten in the world.