Levon Avagyan

During his military service, taekwondo trainer Levon Avagyan was rescued from death for three times. “Just like many others, I also thought that there was a supernatural power keeping me alive, but I wasn’t sure if it was God”. The spiritual shock he experienced during his military service and his friend’s advice made him review life once again and direct his steps towards church.  

Acolyte Yenok Gabrielyan

Yenok Gabrielyan is a resident of Byureghavan village. He experienced his first spiritual shock on Holy Friday. That day he participated in Christ’s Funeral service as convinced by his wife. “On my way to the Church I arrogantly told my friends that I was goint to a funeral. And there was no men in the church to turn the cemetery of the Lord decorated with flowers round, so I had to take it. Since that very day, I seem to bear Christ’s sweet burden on my shoulders and my sould was crossed for my worldly life”, - says Yenok the Acolyte.


Irina Soghomonyan

Irina Soghomonyan has a hearing disability. She is 18 years old. As a child, her mother forbids her to use sign language; as a result, she acquires inferiority complexes which hinder her in learning processes. At the age of 15, when she was in the special school in Zeitun, she gets acquainted with Father Yesayi, who could preach in sign language. The daily routine of the young girl starts changing. She tells about her achievements and emotions in sign language now so much dear to her...


Sargis Grigoryan

Sargis Grigoryan spent his childhood in the village Oshakan. One of his favorite occupations as a child was stealing money from St. Mesrop Mashtots Church. Later on, his fun became a habit and turned into a life-style... While in the prison, he takes a vow to go to the Church on his kneels and beg for God's forgiveness. After he is out from the prison he goes to meet a priest. This meeting dramatically changes his entire life...


Siran Atabekyan

The hero of the program, Siran, is fully blind. Due to the economic state of Armenia caused after its independence, she lost her job and became completely isolated. Regular quarrels invoked in the family drew her to a mental crisis and Siran found herself in psychiatric hospital. As she said, the decision to meet a priest was made instantaneously. And the meeting turned to be crucial. The priest helped her begin a new life. At present, Siran is one of the active community members of Saint Mariane Church of Ashtarak.


Anush Gevorgyan

The young hero of the program left for Russia, then as a student fell under bad influences. After a failed marriage and lose of child she returns Armenia.
Mental disbalance, two attempts of suicide, serious health issues.... Anush decided to turn to a priest for help hoping to get rid of the pursit of her past...
The heroine herself tells her story in the film.