There are many Armenians born far from their Motherland. They came to Armenia – to their home, either due to certain circumstances, or with a special intention to fulfillthe dream of their own or their fathers. Every single program of TV series called “Towards Home” presents one story of homecoming.
Frequency: Every Sunday, at 22:05
Rerun:Tuesday, at 16:20

Jirayr Babazyan

Durinf the Soviet years, Jirayr Babazyan came to Armenian from Cairo, and after graduating from the Institute of Fine Arts, he left Armenia with the decision to never return. Worked in England, USA, France. It has been three years since he returned to Armenia. He hopes that this time, forever.


Sargis Panosyan

Sarkis was born and raised in Uruguay. His mother is German. A few years ago he decided to try, will he be able to live in Armenia? "I already have friends here, whom I seem to have known since childhood. My friend and I set up a pub. Definitely. I am staying in Armenia. "

George Abrahamyan

George Abrahamyan has returned to his homeland from Iran. He built his house and garden and lives in Dvin. He says his example of returning to Armenia was contagious to 40 Iranian-Armenian families.

Anahit Aramuni Keshishyan

Anahit Aramuni Keshishyan moved to Armenia with her family in the 70s with great difficulty. A few years later, he returned to the United States with great difficulty. "After 40 years, I realized that I can no longer live abroad, that it is more and more difficult for me to return to the United States from Armenia. I am in Armenia now, it is a gift for me. "




Sevag Dumanyan

It has been 6 years since the Sevag and Nairi Dumanyans moved from Lebanon to Armenia. Their three children enjoy the freedom to live in Armenia.



Artur Saryan and Naira Niazyan

Arthur and Naira were born in Armenia. Each of them appeared outside of Armenia for different reasons. Naira meets Arthur during one of her exhibitions in Moscow. A few years later, they moved to Armenia with their own family.



Nata Bretel

Nata Bretel was born in Armenia, then lived in Moscow, Syria and Australia. Now she is in Armenia again. "I do clothing design, photography, I do different things, I feel more empowered and important here."




Nairi Grigoryan

Nairi Grigoryan returned to Armenia after living in France and Moscow for 30 years and having numerous painting exhibitions. He now lives in his house, in Kond and has opened a Cafe called “Art Studio”.

Vigen Hovsepyan

Vigen moved to Spain in 2001 with his family. After graduating the school he took up music. He has played in Barselona Ethnic ensemble. He returned to Armenia after he met his future wife. “Today Yerevan has changed greatly, I hope we will soon build such an Armenia where we can invite everyone back with high spirits”.  

Nare Bejanyan

Nare Bejanyan is an alpinist, she returned to Armenia from Doni Rostov. She confesses that it’s not easy to live in Armenia; she is often distressed. When she is ready to go back, the mountains come to help… 

Arthur Kuyumjian, Raffi Kuyumjian

Kuyumjians family moved from Syria to Armenia and had to start everything from zero.Today, they think Armenia is the only place to live fully. They are happy that they make part of Armenia and no one can ever take them out of their house. 

Armen Khachatryan, Arpi Kojayan

Armen and Arpi moved to Armenia from London. Arpi realized her dream – she is dancing in the State Dance Ensemble.
For them, living in Armenia has many advantages. "We want to assure all those who are surprised that you can live in Armenia, work and be happy."