Meruzhan and Arpine

During the marriage, for various reasons, "starting from scratch" was even fun for them, they did not have time to get bored ...



Arthur and Angela

Arthur, Angela and little Daniel live in a happy family. "The key to having a strong family for us is balance", states the couple.



Volodya and Lyuda

Volodya and Lyuda have been sharing life for 56 years. They have three children, all of them are married and have left. They live by themselves, yet they do not complain.

Vardan and Emma

"Life is interesting; as the years go by, you are changing, your wife is changing, and you are having children: these are stages to be overcome, yet you have to do it with love and understanding,” believes Vardan Marashlyan.

Sargis and Tatyana

“We look into the mirror and find each other – I see Sako, and Sako sees me.”

Narine and Sergey

Narine Grigoryan and Sergey Tovmasyan - actors of Yerevan National Theatre, deem the freedom to be the key to the happiness of their family.


Mikael and Lusine

Tar player Mikael Voskanyan and his wife Lusine met by chance while crossing the street. The love they shared for Tar helped them create a family and toil together. "We love doing everything together, but we don't get enough of each other, we keep the same interest for each other as then. We share the same attitude towards life, the same interests. Perhaps that is the formula for our love, helping each other move forward.”

Lia Mkhitaryan և Tigran Martirosyan

Lia, Hrant and Mea live like any other happy families do. “We are very happy and I would not want to do anything else, we are home, I am reading a book, Mea is drawing, Hrant is playing. For me, this how I picture an ideal family right now.”


Anna and Steve

Anna and Steve came to know each other in the US. Steve lived there, while Anna was studying. Today along with their three children they live in Armenia.

Arshak and Lusine

Arshak lost his legs in the Artsakh war. He met Lusine at the hospital. And it's been 25 years since they believe they had found each other.

Astghik Amirbekyan and Hrant Hakhverdyan

"When you love, all the problems seem small, and overcoming those empowers us." That's how Astghik and Hrant think.

Father Arnak and Arpine

Father Arnak and his now-wife have met by accident. After that meeting, the decision of Father Arnak to become a celibate changed. Arpine and the priest are convinced that in order for love to endure, it needs to be renewed, and that feeling also needs tendering.