GREEN Educational Center

How can crops, types of tea and fruits be grown at home, in what soil, at what temperature can a healthy harvest be obtained? We found out at the GREEN educational center.

How to grow evergreen plants

This edition of the program "The land does not wait" tells about the differences and similarities in the cultivation of hundreds of species of firs, thuja, pines, and junipers.

Dutch Roses in the Getapnya Village

We discovered the secrets of planting, disinfecting, fertilizing and processing Dutch roses in Getapnya village of Aragatsotn region.

Hushakert village

Vegetable seedlings are being planted in Hushakert. Pepper, tomato, types of greens, eggplant - how to plant, water, fertilize. Cultivators explain.

Raspberry cultivation in the villages of Ara and Ara

When to plant raspberry seedlings, how often to water, how to fight against pests, how to fertilize the soil before harvest and after harvest? The gardeners of Ara and Ara villages know the answers to all these questions and the secret of loving the soil.

Thorny and thornless blackberry harvesting in Arai village

What are the features of growing thornless and thorny blackberries: irrigation, planting dates, pest and disease control and fertilizing methods to get a good harvest? Thornless and prickly blackberries are being harvested in the village of Arai.

Aloe greenhouse

Our film crew is in the village of Gai, in the aloe greenhouse of Karapet Avagyan. We reveal and present what useful properties aloe has, how to grow it and how to use it.

Mysterious candles made by Liana from Artsakh

Displaced from Artsakh, Liana continues to make candles in Armenia. It was hard to keep working, it was also hard not to work, but doing candle making is now more than important to stand out, not to break, to move forward in faith.

Festive toys and bags made by the hands of Artsakh residents

Displaced Artsakh residents continue to create in Armenia. "Working is also a way to overcome depression and pain, a form of struggle," assure Elina and Lilit.

Blueberry harvesting in Arshaluys village

Naira and Vardan Ghukasyan grow blueberries in Arshaluys village. Blueberries are not widely popular in Armenia so far, they are imported from abroad, because the acidity of the soil here does not meet the requirements of the berry. For the second year already, the Ghukasyans planted blueberry seedlings in Arshaluys village, enriching the soil with peat of special acidity. They harvested this year and are sure that the climate of the Ararat valley is favorable for blueberries, they are ready to help other farmers with advice.

Strawberry harvest

Strawberries are being harvested in the village of Ara. The program "The land does not wait" is in the village of Ara to find out the secrets of planting and caring for strawberry seedlings, how to properly fertilize the soil, how often to water, how to fight diseases and how to prepare for winter.

Harvesting in the village of Dvin

Cherries and mulberries are harvested in Dvin. What are the characteristics of these types of trees, what are the secrets of their cultivation, fertilizing, daily care and abundant harvest?