Zvart Rumelyan - Priest's Wife

Who are the wives of the priests? We got acquainted with Zvart Rumelyan.

Verjaluys Mirijanyan

With warm, kind and delicate humor. This is how the people of Sundukyan theater remember People's Artist Verjaluys Mirijanyan.

Tadevos Saryan

Tadevos Saryan- Tatik, Mathos of "The Master and Servant" in the theater, cinema, at backstage- in real life. Sergey Arakelyan and Siranuysh Galstyan are talking about Tadevos Saryan. 

Rev. Fr. Sevak Saribekyan

"Grace is God's first touch to man," says Fr. Sevak, recounting the turning point in his life when he went to Italy to study as a restorer.

Rev. Fr. Teodik Chetinkaya

In Constantinople, Father Teodik helped the tailor in his youth. Today he creates ritual costumes of the clergy by combining old and new Armenian ornaments.

Palm Sunday in Meghradzor

The people of Meghradzor were joined by people from neighboring villages. The children participate in Palm Sunday with their own made ritual dolls.

Eduard from St. Hripsime Monastery

Our film crew spent a day with Eduard. He ascends to the Holy Altar of St. Hripsime Monastery with the scribes on Sundays.


Our film crew spent a day with the children of Akunk village in the Kotayk region, with the help of them to discover St. Poghos Petros Church.

Traditional Palm Sunday preparation in Meghradzor

Palm Sunday will be celebrated on April 10 this year. It will be celebrated in Meghradzor and neighboring communities, and before that it is a "trial Palm Sunday" in the neighboring Marmarik community.


Want to know about Yenokavan teenagers? Join our film crew on a visit to the village.

Holy Nativity of Arev-children

The Arev-children decorate the yard of Holy Mother of God Zoravor Yerevan Church. One of them, Narek, who is the only young man with Down Syndrome who can provide school services during liturgies, invited our film crew to his home-studio.

Nerkin Bazmaberd

When listening to the children of Nerkin Bazmaberd, it seems that you are listening to "Sasna Tsrer". Listening carefully, it turns out that they are talking about their daily lives.