Holy Mother of God of Kurds of Syunik

The settlement of Kurds has a centuries-old history. The Kurdish prince builds a church named after Holy Mother of God. In 1661, the church was repaired. During the Soviet years, it was turned into a warehouse. In 1958, the village moves to the southeast, to present-day Lernadzor, and the church remains the only living witness of the village. In May, 2022 excavations begin, the church is restored within a year. On September 9, 2023, the Holy Mother of God of Kurdistan will be re-consecrated. It was a real holiday for the people of Lernadzor: the beloved shrine got a second life. The people of Ghent Dzor share their emotions and stories.

The Holy Mother of God Church in the Diocese of Syunik was reconsecrated

Built in the 17th century in the Kurdish settlement of Syunik, the Holy Mother of God Church was restored and consecrated.

Anik and Yura

Anik and Yuran participate in liturgies in the Holy Mother of God Church in Verin Artashat. Yura goes up to the altar, Anik sings in the choir. Anik helps his brother sing the hymns well on the altar. They have made new friends at church, like to play together and go on pilgrimages.

Vahe from the St. Hovhannes church in Arinj

For Vahe, Sundays are expected and interesting, the family starts the day in the morning at St. Hovhannes Church in Arinj. Vahe and dad wear t-shirts and participate in the liturgy. Then they train together, play tennis and do everyday things.

The doctors. Norayr Mikayelyan, Sargis Manukyan

Doctors Norayr Mikayelyan and Sargis Manukyan are close friends. In the first days of the 44-day war, maxillofacial surgeon Norayr Mikayelyan leaves for Artsakh. Without knowing the exact place of his purchase, surgeon Sargis Manukyan sets off after his friend. The meeting is not too late, but they had no idea what difficulties they had to overcome. Friends tell about war and peaceful days.

Stole Bearer Tovmas Arakelyan

How a small incident became the beginning of a new book, how small videos became very spectacular and brought new ideas to life, Stole bearer Tovmas Arakelyan tells.


Sarah visits St. Gevork Church in Noragavit every Sunday with her family. Brother David climbs the altar and Sarah sings in the choir. She quickly mastered singing hymns. Loves and knows Chinese. She dreams of continuing her studies in China.

Doctor Koryun Dallakyan

Koryun Dallakyan is a participant of the 44-day war, he is a surgeon.

Rev. Fr. Vahan Azaryan

Architectural sketches, drawings, miniatures. Ter Vahan's range of creative interests is wide. Realizing even the smallest sketch or project is a source of great excitement and a desire to do more.

Dn. Grigor Tadevosyan

Grigor played the duduk from an early age, but began to take music seriously when he studied spiritual music. The Deacon says that the experience of playing hymns with the duduk opened new doors for him. Playing with friends has become part of the seminary routine.

Dn. Manavazd Mkrtchyan

During the 44-day war in 2020, Dn. Manavazd Mkrtchyan was a Spiritual Servant in Artsakh. "In those days, every meeting and conversation with the soldiers left an indelible mark." The spiritual servants shared the days of war and peace with the soldier.


Artak Gevorgyan, Military Doctor

Surgeon Artak Gevorgyan recalls the 44-day war. "They gave me leave for two days. My daughter wouldn't let me go back. That moment was more difficult than the previous days. It is your child, but another person's child is also waiting for you."