Public Opinion and Television

What does the public expect from television, how much does it meet the public requirements? What issues does the television face in the current stage of developing media? The topic is discussed by Nune Sargsyan, General Director of the Media Initiatives Center and journalist Harutyun Harutyunyan. 

Proclamation of Spiritual Treasures of Artsakh

The freedom fight for Artsakh opened the door for Armenians to new opportunities in exploring the Armenian spiritual culture so ruthlessly being destroyed by Azerbaijan. The literature reads out about nearly 5000 monasteries, churches and castles, thousands of manuscripts and other cultural values, which were principally destroyed by the Soviet Azerbaijan, specifically in 1930-ies. Those who dive deep into the culture of Artsakh ocassionally publish their findings featuring some both well-conserved, as well as extinct samples of early and middle-age Armenian culture. The topic raised in the pavilion is discussed by the senior researcher of Matenadaran (manuscript library) Tamar Minasyan and Director of the Museums of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin Father Asoghik Karapetyan. 

Archaeology in Artsakh

Archaeologists Hamlet Petrosyan and Artak Gnuni talk about the work of archaeological expeditions in Artsakh over the last two decades. What do the academic circles know about liberated territories, what testimonies exist in Artsakh, how are these preserved and presented? 

Psychological Implication of the Four-Day War

The four-day war in April entailed hard psychological consequences. The specialists anticipate the stress carried over those days will lead to various health issues, especially among the family members of soldiers. These days, psychologists voluntarily come into groups to provide professional support to the militaries involved in the war, the family members of deceased soldiers, their children and those soldiers who leave for frontline. How can we overcome the psychological consequences of war: the topic is discussed by the consultant- psychologist of the Applied Psychology Center in YSU Izabella Ghazaryan and Father Pavstos Sargsyan from Shirak Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church?


Embroidery Class of Etchmiadzin Armenian Church Youth Center

The works of embroidery class of Etchmiadzin Armenian Church Youth Center are often mistaken for paintings. Here they learn to work big miracles with a small needle. They get really happy that their works decorate and color the walls of Armenian Church Youth Center. 

“Hover” Choir sets off this year’s concert series

The first concert of 2016 had a unique program. Compositions of modern authors were selected: choruses of Eduard Mirzoyan, Krzysztof Penderecki, Vache Sharafyan, Einojuhani Rautavaara and Gustav Mahler. 

Presentation of animation “New Year” of Naira Muradyan in Mirzoyan Library

Painter-animator Naira Muradyan studies long the family of moomintrolls emerging in the fairy-tales of Finnish novelist Tove Jansson and depicted them in her 10-minute animation “New Year”. The film was ordered by the National Film Center of Armenia. The recordings were made in Shoghakat TV. The text is recited by actor Hovhannes Azoyan and the composer of the music is singer, composer Vahan Artsruni. 

“History of Genocide in Sebastia” translated into Russian

The presentation of Russian translation of the book “History of Genocide in Sebastia” by Karapet Gabikyan was held in Yerevan Matenadaran. The memoirs-history of genocide was first published in 1924, in Boston. The author of the Russian translation is Knarik Ter-Davtyan, Doctor of Philology. 

Exhibition dedicated to Commander Andranik in the National Gallery

National Gallery of Armenia is hosting an exhibition dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Andranik Ozanian. The initiative came to life through joint partnership between Yerevan City Hall, Ararat Patriarchal Diocese of the Armenian Church and various cultural institutions. 

Graphic works exhibition authored by Gayane Khachatryan and Martin Petrosyan now open

On February 12, by the initiative of collector Nerses Melikyan, the Modern Art Museum opened the exhibition of painters Gayane Khachatryan and Martin Petrosyan. This is the very first exhibition of the Modern Art Museum of this year.  

Chaplaincy of the Army

The RA Law on Relations between the Republic of Armenia and the Armenian Apostolic Church adopted in 2007 contains a provision on the rights of the Armenian Apostolic Church to have a permanent representative in hospitals, in care facilities, orphanages, military units and detention centers. What’s the aim of the chaplain in the army, what’s the basis for appointing a priest as a chaplain of Armed Forces, how does the presence of a priest affect the interpersonal relations between the soldiers? The topic is discussed by the 4th Army Corps Commander, Major-General Andranik Makaryan and Chaplain of the Armed Forces of Armenia Fr. Koryun Karapetyan.  

Gospel of Mark 12. 35-40

“And Jesus answered and said, while he taught in the temple, How say the scribes that Christ is the son of David? For David himself said by the Holy Ghost, The LORD said to my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, till I make thine enemies thy footstool”
How does Christ interpret that passage and why does he speak about being beware of the scribes again?
Father Markos Mangasaryan provides explanations.