The invisible heroes of art

The story of the salvation of a painting by Martiros Saryan.

Jazz improvisations

Jazz music becomes complete through improvisation. What is improvisation, how is it done in jazz?

Easter songs and games

The "Varq Hayots" traditional song and dance group celebrates the Good News of the Resurrection of Christ with the public in Saghmosavank, and plays Easter games.

Grape Harvest

Armenian grape harvest.

Pea Harvest

Armenian pea.

Mahari "Burning Gardens"

Gurgen Mahari's "Burning Gardens" is considered to be the best Eastern Armenian novel. But it had a cruel fate. The book was publicly lit. The writer was forced to change texts, and the health of a writer who had been exiled for nineteen years gave way. He died a year later.



Mahari "Flowering Barbed Wire"

Gurgen Mahar's novel "Flowering Barbed Wire" was banned from publication during the Soviet era. It tells the story of the writer's years of exile in Siberia. Despite the great suffering, the book is full of humor and bright optimism. "Flowering Barbed Wire" was published only on the eve of the collapse of the USSR.



Guzh Tsolakyan, the brave fighter and lecturer

Guzh Tsolakyan, Major of the RA Armed Forces and lecturer of the Military University after Vazgen Sargsyan, is an example of courage for future officers. Being wounded in the 44-day war in Artsakh, and being under siege, he was able to withstand the hunger, the cold, pain of the wounds, get out of the hopeless situation and bypass the enemy.




Daniel Varuzhann "Khachbur"

Daniel Varuzhann "Khachbur". Read by Rev. Fr. Markos Mangasaryan.

Hrant Matevosyan, "Ahnidzor"

Hrant Matevosyan, "Ahnidzor" (section)

Songs of Artsakh

The "Vark Hayots" ethnographic song and dance group, led by Harutyun Panosyan, presents songs collected from different regions of Artsakh.

Performer and Composition: Part 2

It takes a wide range of skills to perform a piece of music. How to play the melody, what types of interpretation problems does the musician face? Pianist Hayk Melikyan, violinist Anush Nikoghosyan, composer, musicologist Arthur Avanesov are presenting.