Rev. Fr. Benjamin Tsaturyan, the priest displaced from Artsakh

Reverend Fr. Benjamin Tsaturyan went through war, siege and exile with the people of Artsakh. Now he has joined the service in the Masyatsotn Diocese. The topic of the family's daily conversations is Artsakh, their native Astghashen, from which they were forced to leave the entire village in one day.

Rev. Fr. Vachagan Gyurdjian, the priest displaced from Artsakh

Fr. Vachagan, the last priest ordained in Stepanakert's Holy Mother of God church, has his roots from Martakert. He was undergoing a 40-day preparation in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin when the Azerbaijanis blocked the road leading to their native Artsakh, and the long-term siege began. Despite the difficulties, he manages to get to the place of service, Stepanakert's Holy Mother of God Church, and be with his compatriots during the difficult days of the siege. Now, like thousands of Artsakh residents, is in Armenia and trying to adapt to the new reality with his family.

Rev. Fr. Vardan Nersisyan, the priest displaced from Artsakh

Fr. Vardan has been serving in Artsakh since 2018. As a Spiritual Servant of the Defense Army, he participated in the 44-day war, was by the soldier's side in the military unit and in the trenches. He also served in the village of Shosh. After being forcibly displaced from Artsakh in 2023, Fr. Vardan is in Armenia with his family.


Mysterious candles made by Liana from Artsakh

Displaced from Artsakh, Liana continues to make candles in Armenia. It was hard to keep working, it was also hard not to work, but doing candle making is now more than important to stand out, not to break, to move forward in faith.

Festive toys and bags made by the hands of Artsakh residents

Displaced Artsakh residents continue to create in Armenia. "Working is also a way to overcome depression and pain, a form of struggle," assure Elina and Lilit.

Holy Mother of God of Kurds of Syunik

The settlement of Kurds has a centuries-old history. The Kurdish prince builds a church named after Holy Mother of God. In 1661, the church was repaired. During the Soviet years, it was turned into a warehouse. In 1958, the village moves to the southeast, to present-day Lernadzor, and the church remains the only living witness of the village. In May, 2022 excavations begin, the church is restored within a year. On September 9, 2023, the Holy Mother of God of Kurdistan will be re-consecrated. It was a real holiday for the people of Lernadzor: the beloved shrine got a second life. The people of Ghent Dzor share their emotions and stories.

At the Border: Nerkin Hand

The church, cemetery, sources of drinking water, pastures and all strategically important heights of the village Nerkin Hand are under the control of the enemy. Our film crew spent a day with the border guards living in the blockade.

At the border: Davit Bek

Aram Manukyan, one of the founders of the first republic of Armenia, was born in this village. Davit Bek is the largest village of Kapan community, bordering Vorotan city of Kashatagh region of Artsakh. The film is about the historical Davit Bek village and the current life and concerns of Davitbek residents.

On the border. Sotk

We are in Sotk community of Gegharkunik region. Our camera recorded the way of life of the people of Sotk, the historical monuments of the village, the school routine of children, concerns and dreams. And at the end, you can find information about some of the dishes and kitchen secrets often prepared in Sotk.

On the border. Ayrk

Ayrk is one of the border settlements of Gegharkunik, near Sotk. The village has two churches, many khachkars. Our video is about the characteristics of Ayrk village, problems of the villagers, lifestyle and future plans.

Master Manouk

Musician, cellist Manuk Harutyunyan is also a master of national musical instruments, making and repairing instruments. He composed two instruments: Jut and Manjut. What musical instruments are jut and manjut? Master Manuk presents

Today's Ghevonds

The Armenian clergyman next to the soldier. An unbroken mission from the early Middle Ages to today, which is still being performed by the spiritual servants of the RA Armed Forces.