Loving Children

Armen Armos Martirosyan and Sona Azaryan are successful specialists in their own sphere. Nevertheless, apart from their main work, they also direct their time, efforts and dedication to another occupation – charity initiatives for childres suffering from complicated diseases. Due to the Armen, Sona and a group of people supporting them, numerous children were able to win the unequal battle of life and death. 

Loving Man

The doctors Armine Barkhudaryan, Hayk Hovhannisyan and Gevorg Voskanyan left for Sudan at the request of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative in order to make possible the visit of the 2017 Aurora Prize Finalist Tom Catena to Yerevan, Armenia. 

Loving Poetry

What is poetry? What poetry is created today? Who do the poet and translator try to convey through the text-made lines? These issues are answered by poet Tatev Chakhyan and painter, translator Edik Poghosyan. 

Loving the City

What is city? What is the phenomenon of Yerevan? Why and how do our heroes - Narek Van Ashughatoyan and painter, documentarist Peto Poghosyan, love Yerevan?


What is love; the humanity searched for the answer to this question for ages. Today, the artists, scientists and philosophers still talk about the mystery of love and every single new definition leads to another set of questions. 
What is love? Father Nshan Alaverdyan, actor and director Hayk Zorikyan, actress Anahit Ter-Sargsyan, director Hakob Manukyan, literary critic Naira Balayan, philologist, translator Shushan Karapetyan make efforts to answer this very same question. 


Loving life

One year ago one and the same issue brought Marina Parazyan and Lilya Karapetyan together and united them. They established the foundation “Source” designed for children with disability and supporting their families. Their key task was to find day care centers for children with severe disabilities and to support their parents. What guides these women and people around them is the great love and faith.

Loving painting

Our heroes are painter Artur Hovhannisyan and miniaturist Lusine Matevosyan. The hero of Artur, who prefers realistic style and creates mainly large-scale canvases, is man, his feelings, emotions and lifestyle. However, Lusine fully enjoys detailed work on a small area for months. She prefers medieval art.
Her work as a duplicator-miniaturist in Matenadaran allows her getting into daily contact with the rich treasury of Armenian miniatures. What unites our two heroes with different preferences in trends and working styles is the huge love for painting.


Loving the dance

Our heroes are Anna Konstanyan, solo dancer of Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet after A. Spendiaryan, and Sargis Andreasyan, leader of Mad Force Crew Breakdance group. One thing that unites these two young people performing in entirely different styles is the love towards dance. Both of their paths are quite interesting. Anna has been a solo dancer in Israel National Ballet Theatre, created countless roles. While Sargis was one of first ones in Armenia to take up breakdance. The group he established has managed to achieve success on international stage.


Loving the Christmas

For many years, architect Mikayel Mkrtchyan makes festive toys with their variety growing larger constantly. This year the newcomer is the star of Christmas. Christmas is a family festivity for Mikayel Mkrtchyan. The peace and warmth found over these days accompany him throughout the entire year.

Loving cinematography

Our heroes are director Diana Kardumian and film critic Raffi Movsisyan.
Author of seven feature and two documentary films, Diana painfully states that owing to barriers, she works less than her abilities would allow her to. However, her love to films is so big that she gets sincere – shooting a film is something she cannot but do it.
Raffi Movsisyan choose his profession accidentally. It is due to that accident that currently he has a favorite job and can’t imagine himself without it. By his profession he watches over 400 films annually. With the help of films, Raffi tries, at least for himself, to “edit” those shortcomings that happen in real life.


Loving the music

Our heroes are the pianist Julietta Vardanyan and director Hakob Manukyan. Although the first recollections of piano are not so lively for Julietta due to her teacher’s long and scary red fingernails, however, it didn’t keep her from choosing music as her profession and become a professional pianist. The rehearsals, recordings and concerts take most part of her day.
As for the director Hakob Manukyan, for him the music is something that comes out of one’s heart, he has chosen a non-professional path of self-improvement – he founded his own reggae band and through his music he tries to silence the noise we are in every day.

Loving the book

How and how much can one love book? Where you can get by loving book?
''Life is a limited time granted for reading'', is convinced Hrach Saribekyan, writer. He loves book so much that often thinks that love as punishment. He says that all, that one would do for living, he will do for book.
As for Seda Shekoyan, art critic, to her, a book is a vehicle helping her to get moved to a place she cannot physically be at that moment. She thinks herself to be a consumer-reader, who is interested in the meeting with books. She reads a lot both by hard copy, as well as electronically, and thinks that both are equally important and will persist yet long.